Tuesday Afternoon Snack Thread

Just had a fucking twix didn’t I?


Getting bang into twix and snickers recently actually. Is it an age thing?

I had a Twix recently for the first time in years. Waste of time.

Today I had a Cadburys Darkmilk. That’s right, a Cadburys Darkmilk.

Had some grapes and a Mini Roll.

Grapes: 8/10
Mini Roll: 9/10

Good snacks this afternoon.

Why would you say that?

ooo, just remembered I’ve got a pack of them oreo egg and spoon thingys at home.

Shame I don’t like oreos

I’m yet to eat anything of nutritional value today


I just don’t know what possessed me to buy a Twix. What did I think was going to happen?

come on now let’s not say things we’ll regret

Interesting. I like them now.

Twix is

  • Good
  • Not good

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I’m not trying to gang up on you with this poll btw. Just want to know the general feeling towards this heritage confectionery

On a strict no snacks policy so i have a misery banana and at 4pm i’m allowed a handful of nuts


I think anybody in the process of eating a Twix could feasibly forget to eat the second bar because of how much of a non-event the first has been.

Twix is my go-to chocolate bar when I can’t think of what chocolate bar I actually want.

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Had a couple of hobnobs with a cup of tea about half hour ago.

Going to make some pico de gallo in a minute, so will probably end up eating a sizeable amount to ‘taste test’, if that counts.

You ever bitten the ends off a twix and used it to suck hot tea?

I’ve never done this. I have done it with a Kit Kat but never with a Twix

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It’s pretty good with a twix, you should give it a go, it might change your opinion

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ant knows damn well how good a twix is, he’s just being edgy

  • Yes
  • No
  • No but i’m going to now

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