Tuesday Afternoon Snack Thread

I’ve only done it with green tea or rooibos but I’m sure plebs tea works fine too

I know about a Twix and what I know about it is that they are enjoyable in single finger “biscuit bar” form if you got one in your packed lunch as a kid on accounts of how it’s an upgrade on a Penguin. Nobody has ever bought a two-finger one in a shop without it being as a result of being disappointed at the rest of the available selection.

Just to clarify, I’ve voted for ‘…going to now’, but I don’t mean now as in RIGHT NOW. I don’t want another twix straight away.

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I say this without the merest hint of a joke: I would kill each and every one of you for a decent snack right now

You’d KILL us!? Wowzers!

For fuck’s sake, man

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Is that what they’re calling Bourneville these days?

The Club is another example of a packed lunch item that the single finger Twix biscuit bar is an upgrade on.

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I’m never quite sure why I’ve upset you

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I’d maim a small animal for one of those right now.

There’s a big meeting going on upstairs but I’m covering for everyone, so my colleague brought me some food from the buffet.

Mini schnitzel <3 garlic potatoes <3 and a slice of pizza <3


Do you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, or was that just what was about?

Nah, it’s different to a Bourneville (not as nice). Very odd product IMO, not sure who it is supposed to serve.

Made up some salt & pepper crispy tofu & tempura chillies which I’m trying to save for making into something for dinner but it’s quite easy and nice to pick at them instead

Chocolate in green tea!? REDBUSH!?


Who doesn’t love a lot of chocolate on their biscuit?

Graham Gooch?

It’s perfectly fine

that idiot antpocalypsenow