Tuesday afternoovening

I’m trying to work out how to draw an oblique lozenge in Illustrator. Desperately seeking skills.

Working on a presentation for Weetabix.

I do hope you’re all well/looking forward to your evening/more awake than I am.

I just took a fifteen minute map on my couch, so I’d say my afternoon is going as well as could possibly be expected.

going to go for a walk now, byeeee

Just watched a statement from the Deputy First Minister regarding my strike action.

Took the edge off the positive things I took from it by reading some of the BookFace discussion. Now I’m feeling quite hopeless.

I’m a bit drunk and not doing very well at hiding it. I think people are finding it funny rather than cause for concern though.

Locked myself out of the office just there, going so well.

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Walking home from the bus stop. Love living so near countryside.


Two circles on the end of a rectangle, pal.

I feel shite. Can’t wait to get home and eat some pizza and watch the final 8 episodes of Master of None.

Bit boring.

i don’t have any work to do

Sorry boss :confused:

It’s lovely really, I’m just jels.

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Bam. Weetabix city.


Bah humbug, I have to leave early and go to the supermarket with thee bf. We are not compatible at food shopping together, as you would expect he’s incredibly impatient because food shopping generally isn’t a very enjoyable experience but I quite like to meander and take my time, especially in the snack aisle. Might ask him to wait in the car.

Good work! Go on then, tell us how you did it.

At the cricket. It’s not raining but it’s not warm.

Go in before him :smiley:

I drew a rectangle and jibbed it around with the pen tool till it looked right.

I like to believe this is how everyone works. All process is invented afterwards to make people look clever.