Tuesday and Tuesday and she's a heathen

Drinking gin and listening to the Chemical Brothers and ticking off the variety of ways I might be sacked.

Organised a painfully early ride out with my mate. Time will tell.

Hello both of you you fine dissers. Sending you both inordinate amounts of love as that sounds shite x

Sacked?! Nooo, what did you do?

(Also I don’t get the reference in the thread title.)

Morning @tilty, all

Add me to the feeling like shit club. Had about 2 hours sleep for the last two nights running, can’t switch my mind off for worrying if I’ve dug myself into a gigantic hole of a life I can’t escape. On top of that everything I own is falling apart, the car being the most pressing concern (£1100 minimum to get it back on the road, and it’s barely worth 3 times that) and I made the mistake of asking my dad and BiL for car advice. They were all ‘ohhh, source all the parts yourself and the garage will fit them for you much cheaper’ and I do not have the headspace for that kind of shit so now they think I’m some idiot spendthrift and the roofing work I badly need done has stalled again, and just to cap everything off I left my bag at home so I’m stuck at work until 2pm with no breakfast or lunch or life saving Pepsi Max and fuck it all, I’m this close to cracking

Hope you’re both doing ok @ttf and @dktrfaustus. Tis the time of year for everything being shit :frowning:

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Morning. Woke up with a fright because the workmen outside my flat decide to start work at 7:30 this morning with a series of almighty bangs. May or may not have told them to fuck off. Good start to the day!


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TFIFF :partying_face:


Its only Tuesday, I did hardly any work yesterday but already CBA with this week.

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Slept poorly, gave up trying to get back to sleep at around five. Got a work call later where I need to be really sharp, so that’s going to go really, really well.

And my coffee subscription is over a week late

@guntrip is there a meme for this?

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Got an image now of this big disaster on the building site, a gas explosion or something and you stood in the smouldering wreckage in your dressing gown yelling at them.



Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning tilty, ttf, dktrf (hope your days get better), morning everyone. More job applications today then, if the weather holds, a long(ish) walk around the reservoirs and down the river this afternoon.

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I was convinced it was Wednesday when I woke up this morning. Why does it have to be Tuesday? Can’t I skip a day?

Morning all.

In the office for the first time since March. Turns out I’m really not needed either, so that’s…great. Very happy with the way things have turned out.

Here tomorrow too. Won’t be needed then either.

Ah well, at least I can reclaim the mug I’d left here.

Hope you’re all well.

Went for a pre-work run so I’m feeling unbearably smug

About to drop kiddo off at nursery, then off to work. Managing the shop for the next few days, so I’m going to create an empire

This seems a very expensive set design for such a niche sub-genre of adult film.

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