Tuesday and Tuesday


Good morning,

My tiny human alarm clock is on the fritz and has been waking up progressively earlier. Very grateful that I remembered to make cold brew yesterday afternoon.

Hoping for a trip to the library this morning, maybe lidl too. Should be exciting.



Morning FL.

My small people are still in bed (or they were when I left the house). I had to come out with the dog before it gets too hot though.

I have exasperating work stuff today. That’s it.

Are you getting anything interesting from Lidl?


Good morning FL, Weebs. Today is my Friday but also happens to be my busiest day of the week work-wise cause we’ll get a whole load of deliveries so not really looking forward to it as much as I could be. Might have a little bbbq later and some beers if I’m awake enough.


morning FL morning friendos

gonna watch a couple of episodes of bottom with my breakfast, walk up a hill listening to barn owl and then go buy a keyboard. probably drink 10 or so cups of tea. bum is very sore from cycling.


We are going in there to get fruit, but as it is Lidl we could end up coming up with anything.


Which episodes?


Morning early risers

Overslept by 20mins, but I did the best part of 12hrs including travel yesterday so I’m not fussed. Walking into work listening to the new free Cake for every creature album and trying to figure out if today is going to be as bad as yesterday


In the office already!
But I finish at 3pm! :golf::golf::golf:


one of my unemployment goals is to watch through every TV show starring rik mayall that is available on the internet. probably shouldn’t have started with bottom cause it’s gonna be hard to top.

just starting series 3 so it’s the ferris wheel ep and halloween night. 2 all time greats there.


Word up DiS. Think I’ve got everything in place for passport shizzle now what a RELIEF.

Going to Amsterdam tonight to see Steve Hoffstetter tonight. Don’t think he’s very good, and can’t remember why I said yes to it to be honest. Going to see if I can politely bail, we shall see if that’s possible. She almost bailed yesterday in my defence, in fact I encouraged her to bail, so I feel less bad about this last minute bailing.

Yesterday was so hot I got that salt line around the top of my shorts SO GROSS. Today is supposed to be just as hot. So much washing!


WFH. The relative enthusiasm with which I began this week has entirely dissipated.


Ferris wheel is such a good one. ‘My life just flashed before my eyes’ ‘what did you see?’ ‘Nothing just one long blur of grey interspersed with visits to the lav’
Richie’s birthday and ‘Gas’ are my favourites I think.


Morning FL and everyone!

Having a coffee in bed. The extreme heat seems to have let off for now so it’s ~only~ about 22-23 degrees at the most in the next couple of days. Pretty perfect summer weather.

And I’m going to a festival in town for Thurs and Friday! Seeing Fever Ray and Charlotte Gainsbourg and lots of other acts.

@Flashinglight What are you gonna get from the library?


My money is on books hahaha


You don’t pay for books at the library, idiot.


Pretty sick of waking up with a sore throat/snotty nose every morning.




The weird cyclical nature of children’s sleeping habits is one of those weird things. All last week she was waking up 15 minutes before my alarm which was…okay but still I quite like that 15 minutes or so of just getting stuff done in the morning.

Now she’s impossible to get to sleep and just being very very tired in the morning, which isn’t good because our normal bus is cancelled until late October and so we have to take one that leaves 10 mins earlier and takes twice as long.

Hope your one calms back down to a later waking time soon.


I have a stack of books to get through already at home, so it is just a picture book run for R - he has a bunch due back today so we will be returning them and getting some replacements. I think we have a reservation to collect as well (“Stanley’s Cafe”, Stanley is a hamster and his best friend is a mole).


I was sent 3 tracks from the CD recording I did last night as a sneak preview, and I’m massively relieved to hear they sound really, really good.

Exciting :smiley: