Tuesday and Tuesday

I’ve tried talking books. It used to work for me. It seems to keep her more awake :expressionless:

Pub quiz tonight!!

First one I’ve been to in about a decade.

Got a dead leg to go with my already sprained ankle on the same leg so I’m struggling a bit.

I am so tired today and I still haven’t moved out fully. I need a new body.

Morning all!

Had a rough night’s sleep, just like the last week. Too hot and too much going on in my brain. Gonna have a nice chilled night tonight, looking forward to it.

I have nothing interesting to contribute, I just don’t want to do any work.

Yeah, same here!

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We got one of these a few months ago: https://www.boots.com/gro-clock-10100587 , when we realised that his curtains are useless with these early mornings. No Jimbo knows not to get up until it’s showing a sun.

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Morning all. Nothing too exciting going on today. I need to email David Gedge from the Wedding Present later. I guess that’s kind of exciting.

Keeping an eye on the weather for later this week - I’ve got Friday off to go horse racing (to watch, not be a jockey), but if it’s going to rain I’m going to save my money.

Morning everyone!

I’m feeling quite good for two reasons:

  1. Just managed to run 5k without stopping, never done that before.
  2. When I walked into work the guitar solo from Ball & Biscuit was playing loud. I’ve now requested that that song be playing every time I enter the office.

I hope you’re all OK.


Have you just set up your own entrance music? Fair play if so.

I think I might have done!

Is that about their two day residency thing at the Concorde?

Flying back to Edinburgh. Not back to work til tomorrow thankfully but I have some admin stuff to do when I get back

Hope you all have a good day

Not as bad as yesterday, but not good either.

All my nieces and nephews have these things and they are amazing @anon89873996

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I’ve pulled an absolute blinder and got a really important patent granted, after advising the business that it was unlikely to get through.

Going to lift my shirt over my face and do laps of the office with my arms out now.


Exam results today!

I’m quite pleased with my two classes - a decent spread of A and B grades with some nice surprises.

Probably going to celebrate with a takeaway later.


Did too many boiled potatoes for dinner last night so i’ve chopped up and fried the leftovers this morning. This is basically chips for breakfast.

That’s all I’ve got.

noticed the date this morning prompting


My baby has master rolling over today. Been sent some videos. Seems way too early.