Tuesday and Tuesday

any lme going to see oxbow tonight? @wewerewerewolvesonce

I wonder if eric is

Inexplicably got a smiley spooky ghost on my cortado


Neymar joke #brazil #world cup

Still in Cornwall. My sister says she doesn’t wear shoes anymore. What a life.


Enjoy Oya! I’m flying over for Way Out West in Gothenburg, very similar lineup! Fever Ray will be awesome.

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this is great BUT also disappointing that your coffee choice doesn’t match your username :frowning:

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I think the sleep disruption at the moment is probably teething related so hopefully we might get back to normal, if not I will definitely keep this in mind as an option. Thanks for the back-up endorsement as well @nemrac

We have a gro blackout blind already which is excellent for keeping the room dark.

We really need to sort blackout blinds, but as much as light leaks are an issue, a bigger problem for us is seagulls (morning noon and night) and noisy neighbours. Oh for it to be cool enough to close his bedroom window again.

Seagulls are so fucking loud, I’m not near enough the coast here, but when I went to Margate they were cacophonous from about 4am :disappointed:

I would but I’m off to a socialist history thing at housman’s tonight

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that sounds quite good

It might comfort you to know that I had a doubleespresso (7am) and a doubleespresso machiatto (11am) prior to this cortado!




was gonna make dinner for water bottle girl tonight but she’s cancelled due to being too busy with work and moving at the weekend.

was looking forward to it and now I’m feeling ridiculously sorry for myself

Fuckin belter :+1:

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Back home from the office for a bit of rest and food, then work the rest of the evening from here. Fuzzy deadline head.

bit annoying that i tried registering with my GP 2 weeks ago and it apparently still hasn’t gone through yet. how long does it usually take?

not urgent enough for an urgent appointment but would still like to see somebody please lads.

It’s my Dad’s seventieth next week so I had a go at making a sculpture for him. Flash takes away a lot of the detail but you get the idea. Not bad for using a sewing needle, a razor, and some cotton swabs!


great work, Barron.


:joy: Great, I was already feeling weird about how long I took on his ass!

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