Tuesday - back to work, peasants

I woke up far too early but otherwise feeling comparatively rested after a long weekend and today looks like a quiet work day with no meetings. What say you?

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Back to work after a week off here. Yuccccckkkkk.

Nothing much to report really. Pilates later.

My son woke me up chatting to himself at 5.45 and promptly fell asleep just as I realised I wasn’t getting back to sleep. So I’ve now been up for ages already but absolutely knackered.

Need to fit the week’s work into 3 days which is going to be a challenge. Also have a difficult call with a client booked in for 7.30 this evening :weary: May need a drink later.

Had a very vivid dream where I was packing for a holiday…to wake up to this, just cruel

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Last nights pints were very nice but I’m feeling decidedly unfresh today

Gonna aim to achieve two work things and I’ll be happy

Dreading what my inbox will look like.

Builders already outside making banging noises. Today is a big concrete day; this week is a big concrete week.

Did our fair city treat you well @roastthemonaspit ?

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Morning! Waiting on the bridge to go to the gallery. It really is like a fairytale village here! I’m also featuring in about 1,000 Instagram pics lol


Oh no

poached eggs

  • Whirlpool trick
  • Vinegar trick
  • One of those poaching bags or gadgets
  • Other trick
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Morning all!

I barely slept last due to weird fever and aches and pains.

I’m looking after The Child today so we’re going to the library to research/ write a book about frogs and then buy food. I’m going to see Pissed Jeans tonight so can everyone please think positive thoughts so I can recover.


In Japanese shrines they have an area where people can write wishes on votive tablets called ema and hang them up to be offered to the gods at morning prayers. There are literally thousands at the Meiji Jingu shrine, and yet somehow this was the first one I saw as I walked up.

@funkhouser @Jimouthargyle



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Feeling terrible after a crap night’s sleep due to my DIY disaster yesterday. Just gotta get through today and hope none of my fears materialise. Shut up, brain.

Adult life is a hell of a ride, innit.

Day off today. Enforced as my son’s and wife’s respective easter holidays do not overlap (don’t get me started).

We’re juts having breakfast at the moment. Then it’s off out for swimming and McDonald’s – proper traditional school holidays treat.

It did! Walked a hell of a lot and ate very well. Will be back!

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Was just woken up by a bike arriving for my housemate from a dream. In said dream I bumped into a few friends at an LCD Soundsystem show (they were playing Other Voices while we were discussing an old Real Madrid kit), and how the away kit was a weird Barcelona rip-off. Quite a fun one tbh!

We do love our cobbled hilly streets

UTBA is a lovely touch.


Its bloody foggy here.