TUESDAY back to work thread

On the train to Ipswich because I couldn’t be arsed driving.
5.30 in the train station was me going to work and a hundred people going home from a bank holiday morning night out
Anyone not crying today?

Woke up at 5am with a whole load of things whizzing through my mind, been up since.

It’s Tuesday.

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Oh yeah. Fucks sake. Gonna be a good day

Can a mod change it when they wake up please

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hi safebruv and the numerical. just in from a three hour stint in the barn. would quite like to go back to sleep for a couple. don’t have to go to my actual job today.

It’s Tuesday.

Now a bit concerned that I’m not meant to be in Ipswich until tomorrow

Just having Vegan ice cream from our local vegan ice cream café with my daughter. School holidays are way longer than actual holidays at work. How is this a thing still in the West?

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(Yes technically I’m in the far far east but hey)

Urgh I guess I’ll get up then

someone on 5 live just said it’s Monday morning.

About to cycle to work for the first time since november.

This will hurt.

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Solidarity post with everyone else who worked Bank Holiday Monday.


so far east you’ve gone west

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Had a load of stress dreams about being volunteered to play bass in the Jawbreaker reunion gigs, because whoever volunteered me knew I like Jawbreaker but didn’t check if I knew the songs on bass. Then spending the ten minutes before the gig trying to learn them from listening to them through someone’s tinny mobile phone speaker.

I mean, morning.


I’ve got a thread for later on. Someone remind me, please.

I lost count of how many times I woke up in the night, let’s just say that it was lots. Also had all the shitty dreams. And my cold has deteriorated as I now have a minor fever too. Today might not be so fun.

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Last week’s work travel plus the bank holiday means I have about 10 days of work to squeeze into 4 this week. I really don’t want to get started looking at my emails.

Putting 2 new systems live on the same day in an office where our new owners are having their first meeting.

Gonna be fun

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I’m sure it will be @safebruv

I just need to get there and calm everyone down. Been getting emails since 5am

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