TUESDAY back to work thread

My part of the Northern Line not working due to over running engineering works. Shouldn’t be too much of a hassle but a slightly shit start to what’ll be a total shit storm of a day at work.

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morning all

slept terribly last night - had a dream where I went to live in America, possibly New York, for a bit. had two flatmates who were utter dickheads, and the building opposite was being renovated but only during the night, so I couldn’t even sleep properly in my dream.

feel super anxious and I’m not sure why - thought it was because I had to leave earlier today and thus rush a bit and my routine was being disrupted but nah, it’s still going. ergh.

I’m working from home, so am I really back to work?

If my boss is reading this: Yes, yes I am.


Read that in the style of Steve Albini on End of Radio, btw.

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CBA audit:

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I’ve got the day off today for the tv’s birthday. We were gonna go see the Gursky exhibition at the Hayward but it isn’t open on Tuesday’s :roll_eyes:

Instead gonna make some eggs benny, her fave breakfast, have some bbq lunch at Temper in Soho, head to Gordon’s Wine Bar as is tradition for wine and cheese and then round the night off watching The Birthday Party like a couple of theatre bastards.




Picked up some coffee beans from sainsbags at the weekend and just trying them for the first time now. Incredible flavour - this might just save my week.

I’m in bed. I don’t have to be at work until April 16th.


mods, do your thing pls


Tired innit

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This train station in Cambridgeshire has forgotten to change its calendar


Snapsies, only 17th for me :beers:

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If only you didn’t have those two boys hanging around too :wink:

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I fucked up the bins again! How have I fucked up the bins again!!

What sort of idiot wouldn’t know what day it is


Guy next to me on the train did a smelly pump. Today of all days.

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Such an appropriate emoji…

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Whoever smelled it dealt it

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I think my excuse today will be “early doctor’s appointment that overran”. I’ll use it as an excuse to not go to lunch with colleagues, too. “Sorry, need to make up time from this morning!”

It’s all falling into place.