Tuesday banal (dehydration)


wfh. balls hot out, isn’t it? how would you rate your hydration level out of 10?

i’m gonna go with a 4, need to get on the H2O, maaaaan.


About an 8 I’d say. Going to have another cup of tea now though.


i’d say a 4, too. had 1.5l hydration today, and that’s including cups of tea.

been drinking about 3 litres of water a day the last week.


It’s raining loads here. There was a thunderstorm and everything.

You London twats.


don’t want to sound like your mum, but tea doesn’t rehydrate


(Probably about a 7)


Of course it does, it’s a liquid.


(guys… 10=hydrated, 1=dehydrated)


Dunno silks, seems to have worked for me for my entire tea drinking life.


yeah. i think there’s only 50mg of caffeine in a cup which is hardly a diuretic.


up until this point, I’ve always rated you as a solid human. dear oh dear man!


Been slurping down san pellies all afternoon. Goodbye teeth.


this. dunno why it’s hard for people to figure it out.


gotta say, twinkletoes. i wasn’t as enamoured with your hometown as i thought i might be.



You’re the one getting a roasting here bro!


about a 4 - made the mistake of drinking cans of cold pop rather than pints and pints of water and I’m flagging / grouchy.


I’m looking at the caliber of roasters and taking it all in my stride, bud!


TBH TBF my family moved there after I left home. I’m a Lincolnshire lad.
As for Harrogate, it’s very… nice. Always feels like it has the veneer of somewhere classy without any substance.


Jazz stride?


I’m going to rehydrate with a fifth of vodka