tuesday banal feat. cba

god, what a dull day. going out to a show tonight and gonna eat some vhicken wings but gotta kill 4 interminable hours before then.

work have asked us all to send in a ‘fun’ photo of us all for a photo wall, urghghg.

what the hell is going on with you? any snacks on the go?

gonna go for a paid poo

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just had a brownie

has a low-level headache for a few days now, really getting to me

was just reading an article that i thought was quite interesting then it said “more detailed info after the jump”

and i was like lol what fucken year was this


Didn’t eat any lunch, tempted to finally open the gigantic bag of pistachios in my desk drawer. On the bright side today is my Wednesday* and the first of SIX four day weeks in a row.

*Yesterday was still my Monday, I decided to do away with Tuesday because it is objectively the shittest day.

massive CBAs.

pretty sure I´m gonna move in September now - maybe Barcelona or even back to the UK. had a think over the weekend and the idea of teaching for another year fills me with supreme dread. the whole debacle last week has left a sour taste wrt teaching too.

Lads, get the stellas ready, I´M COMING HOME.


also turns out my housemate has invited someone I´d rather not have in my life to live with us next year without consulting me, so fuck that.

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would smash

15 mins til snack time here

WFHers - a question for you. I’m starting to get quite stiff/sore from sitting at my dining table working all day. Anyone had any luck asking their company to pay for a decent chair?

would sometimes spend my WFH days in bed, in my pants, so there´s always that.

Been good and done revision all day
Now having a double espresso and bemoaning the lack of snacks to hand
Going out for my mum’s bday tonight. Italian I think

Bring on the Italians.jpg

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no protein missiles/grenades knocking about?

I came this close to bringing in a big bag of balti mix into work today. It felt a bit wrong though somehow so I didn’t.

Reader, I now regret that decision.

Informative and helpful, thank-you

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I’m going to make a cup of tea and have some Dairy Milk while I send some post out.

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The recruitment agent I’m currently talking to is called Neil Young