TUESDAY banal thread


Hello everyone. I hope you’re all having a nice afternoon?


Hello? Are you a n00b fievel? Welcome if so, very bold move to go straight in for a banal thread, I respect that.


Hi CG!


two thirds of the way through my exams!!! considering how ill I have been recently I’m super super proud of myself for doing this. got to spend all day and evening studying for tomorrow’s. I can do this :grin:


swithering over having another coffee


Just had some 8/10 grapes.


me too japes


could go one like but 4pm, I’m nearly away


soooo tired, can’t wait to get back to edinburgh and sleep (although if someone from this office suggests :beers: I may oblige)


If you could B AN AL, who would you be?

Al Capone for me.



alright [redacted]

just booked the penultimate hotel for our hols, now i gotta find something nice in luxembourg

pub quiz l8r

have a well itchy left eye, think i’ve scratched it?


Keep getting electric shocks today and got smacked in the face by hailstones when I went to get falafel at lunch, think I’ve angered the elements somehow


put me down for al green


Hello Fievel! I am having a nice afternoon thanks. how is yours?

I was just wondering what is the cash value of your greatest aspirations?

Like I’ll never be able to play for Man Utd obviously but if it was for sale for, I dunno, £2.5m or something and I had that sort of cash to burn I’d probably pay to do it.

So what are your biggest aspirations and what is their cash value? Is this a good thread in and of itself?


maybe Al Jourgensen??



just remembered i’ve got a bottle of fizzy water in the fridge, yaaasssss


(you can call me) Al


I got loads of electric shocks on metal banisters while furniture shopping on Sunday. Was scared of stairs by the end of the afternoon.


i’ll be honest mate I don’t have a fucking clue what you’re on about here