TUESDAY banal thread


Fuck it, I’m getting a six pack of fizzy waters on the way home! Gonna refrigerate the shit out of em and then gulp 'em down! (Not all at once obviously)


What’s a thing that you’d really love to do Japes?



go home


My greatest aspiration is to be happy. Please provide a cash value for my greatest aspiration.


Cash value of going home at the minute?

Would you pay someone £35 to go home right now?




Hello antpocalypse now! Fine thank you but hoping for work to be over soon.


Couldn’t even buy a house here for that.


There’s a lesson to be learned there…


What do you do for work? When will it be over? What are your evening plans? Good lunch today?


The southern England is the absolute worst? I agree.


good luck for the exam you did earlier!


i work as an editor, approx 6:30pm, i am going to see a metal band with some other DiSers and I had a cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch and it was pretty decent!!!


\m/ Keep on rocking in the free world!


nah probably not, i’ll just ride it out


Very prudent


@Antpocalypsenow Would you really?

I mean I’d love to play for Liverpool, but I know I’d be a lot shitter than who I’d replaced, and it would annoy the players and fans, so it’d actually be an ordeal. Or are you talking about paying that much to be good enough to play for Man United?


Just bring me on for five mins when we’re 4-0 up or something, no harm done - £250,000

Actually be good enough to play for Utd - £2.5m


Heating on my train home is set to ‘TAPS AFF’

(I’m taking my Scottish dialect cues from @Jeremys_Iron)