Reading a Commons Transport Select Committee report on the May 2018 Timetabling Fiasco and drinking ice cold sparkling water…



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trying to online shop christmas presents

i’m awful at it

Trying to think of ways to invalidate a patent that looks perfectly valid to me, tbqfh.

This is my life.

Really want a nap, R doesn’t agree with that plan and is asking for dinner already instead.


it’s cup of tea time but i’ve not long had a coffee

Internet has gone down so no phones or computers.

Might dig out one of the many think tank reports I’ve printed over the last year and never read. Something about better capturing the value uplift in land when it gets developed? :sleeping:

Can guarantee that none of the tedious shit you’re reading is as tedious as the HMRC consultation paper and feedback on the updated BRR process that I’m reading is.

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trying to think of a way to get to 5pm without a) doing work and b) people noticing that I am not doing work. reckon if I angle my laptop it might be less obvious.

might do some Windows updates, always good for killing some time

Wor Lass is asleep on the floor. The Child is dancing to YouTube videos.

No, you’re probably right.

It’s actually quite a compelling read so far.

the left channel of my headphones has properly packed it in and I can’t drown out office noises :grimacing:

i spoke up on a conference call that i thought something was ridiculous earlier, but that was because i thought i was on mute and i wasn’t.


Has anyone had a good idea in a meeting and you nodded in agreement?

Probably not. I rarely hear good ideas at any meetings I attend.

GF just got the results of her most recent interview for a civil service position and she finished no. 1 out of all the applicants in Cork! Absolutely fucking delighted!

Anyway, back to banal. Might have a fourth cup of tea.


many many experiences.

None I’d feel comfortable saying in a job interview/application :laughing:

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what order do you complete a card? (birthday / christmas etc)

  • write card, write envelope address, lick, stamp
  • write envelope, write card, stamp, lick
  • stamp, write envelope, write card, lick
  • write card, lick, stamp, write envelope
  • write envelope, stamp, lick, forgot card
  • write card, lick, address, stamp

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Is this the same process you went through? You’re not going to end up working together are you? :open_mouth:

Write card, lick, address, stamp.

i was going to write all the permutations out but then i got bored

knew instantly someone would do one of the ones i didn’t put down

edit: have added it