Tuesday Bloody Tuesday

Morning all!

Baby Ballet first and then The Child is going to the dentist.

I hope to mark ten exams today.

What are your arbitrary targets?

Seem to have gotten a mild cold at some point in the night which is a moderate irk. My fingers are crossed that today is going to be piss easy (as is always the hope after a long weekend tbf)

Haircut today ar 11.15 in town, then a tour at a 3.45. Reqlly annoying as I don’t want to hang around in town all day on my one free day but travelling home and back again Feels pointless

morning all

first day back at work after a week off, doesn’t feel too bad yet but then I haven’t actually got to work yet. so far I’ve used the wrong card to get on the train, so I think I’ve done myself out of a fiver or so.

arbitrary target: try to limit myself to just one twix based product. not confident.

Am ill but have work so going to that then

Also my shirt isn’t ironed as woke up really late and looks really bad

How often do you get the theme tune to Budgie The Little Helicopter in your head?

  • Every other day
  • Every day
  • Every hour
  • Every minute
  • Every nanosecond of every second of every minute of your life
  • I’m Budgie The Little Helicopter

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Off to work for another potentially horrendous day. It’s my Friday so there is that, and it’s nice out, might go to the beach or something later for a walk ‘n’ a pint.

I’m hoping that my office isn’t too hot and I can continue wearing a jumper to avoid this same situation

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We’d be happy to judge the products on their relationship to Twix. Set up some polls.

Morning all.

Had a rubbish nights sleep. Medication induced sleep paralysis made it all a bit Nightmare of Elm Street as I’d have a series of harrowing lucid dreams I couldn’t wake up from while I felt like my body was dying, then I’d wake up and be terrified of falling asleep again but too damn tired to stay awake. Repeat until the morning alarm. Fuck you, Venlafaxine.

On the plus side the ever lovely Ms Horse made me a nice lunch to cheer me up. Shame I left it at home really. Not a good day to not bring my wallet to work to prevent frivolous spending. Fuck you, me.

That’s probably enough moaning for now. Hope you’re all well.

Hello everybody, here are some choice highlights from The Big Weekend

  1. Booksmart. What a fucking film. So good.

  2. Walked past Anya Taylor-Joy and nearly shit myself with awe/made a Witch joke

  3. London Zoo is actually quite decent with it’s attractions/welfare/Sustainability now. The enclosures I thought were very sad (primates and fish) are being replaced this year anyway.

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Morning Keith, all,

I’ve just had 3 days off and after today am off until next Wednesday. What on Earth was I thinking, not booking today off too? This day shall be rued and by me, no less.

I suppose my target is packing later. I hope I don’t need anything we haven’t got.

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Still sleepy after a busy weekend

WFH thank god, really gonna buckle down though. You’ll see .

Morning All. My eye is still kinda messed up and looking at screens is hard so I’ve taken the day off work. Going to spend it playing Mass Effect and reading stuff online so at least then I’m suffering for something fun.

Dreamt I was late for work and was trying to get onto WhatsApp on a really old PC to tell them.

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My baby brother is 29 today :sob::sob::sob: He’s also very tall (even for a Scandi) but he’s still obviously the baby in the family. :heart::heart::heart:

Going horseriding, then seeing some much younger relatives later today.

ask and you shall receive:

  • Single finger standard Twix
  • Single finger white chocolate Twix
  • Two finger standard Twix
  • Two finger white chocolate Twix
  • King size standard Twix
  • King size white chocolate Twix

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can you tell I’m quite into white chocolate at the moment?

poll is kind of pointless as it turns out I have penguins in my pedestal so will be eating (at least) one of them

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have some hair styling wax (fish) in my drawer at work that must be about…16 years old.

  • That’s disgusting, for obvious reasons
  • That’s disgusting, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on
  • Fine

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If I put my mind to it, I reckon I could still find the wax I used to spike my hair at Reading festival 2001. That said it’s not in my draw at work.