Tuesday blue skies

What does it bring for you?

Morning tilts. Feeling a bit blue because of the news about my job yesterday. Better get my head around the proposals

7 and half hours of work

The unknown horrors of another ridiculously busy day, then a trip to Morrisons.

Morning tilts, rich, unlucky, funky. I’m part-way through the weekly shop; stopping off for breakfast at the mo. Similar idea to the hungry heron I was watching on my walk up the river earlier.


I’m thinking of you rich xx


R is saying he wants to demolish his new school rather than go for his taster morning and I just spilt coffee all over myself. Not very happy with Tuesday so far.

Anyway, I told him you can’t demolish a building without a proper risk assessment first so I might at least be able to to get him to the school without a fight under that pretence.


‘Fine I’ll go but only to do that risk assessment’


So tired. The dickheads in the hotel room beside is were having a great old time till 6:30 in the morning.
Kept waking us up.
Complained once, should have gotten them thrown out.

That’s pretty much where we’re at rn.

Maybe I’ll send him with a clipboard, hi-vis, and his hard hat.

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That would be amazing and he would be the best in class :laughing:


@barleysugar lol


Bairn is up and the TV is doing the necessary. Usually my job.

Off to the coast up north later.

Morning DiS,

Nothing too much exciting to report today, but isn’t that the same for most people in Lockdown?

morning all :wave:

did not sleep well last night, not sure why, just kept waking up and by about 6 basically gave up trying. oh well, nice easy day at work toda…oh wait, I have to do a presentation about a website later. and then after that I have to do the presentation again for a different set of people. and then repeat that twice more afterwards :expressionless:

main downside of having every Monday off: I’ve really started to dislike Tuesdays

Going to work. Made a suggestion of what we as a school could do better yesterday and my headT took it particularly badly and personally. 🤷

Which kind of proved my point.

Anyway, training and setting up rooms again isn’t it.

Can’t face it, going to say woken up with horrendous migraine and have the day off

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Morning! 2 things:

  1. I changed my profile picture last night, accidentally selected the wrong photo and now I can’t change it again. Help!

  2. I’ve just discovered 24 Hours In A&E and I feel like it’s massively helping my anxiety and general despondency with the world, that said I feel like I’ve had a surge of energy so I’ll go out on my bike today, first time in week


Can’t do it too obvious it’s a lie

It’s a great show. Some great characters and the staff are obviously great but I’ve tired of it a bit because of I can only see so many motorbike accidents and folk falling off ladders. Imagine what it must be like to deal with that every day at work.