Tuesday blue skies


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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


He doesn’t even want to do the risk assessment anymore, I’m losing here

Aye, the number of those accidents is astounding. I actually sometimes find it a bit raw - I see folks getting wheeled into surgery the same day they’re admitted, I had to wait two weeks for my shoulder op, that was two weeks of dealing with the insanely horrendous pain of having a broken shoulder medicating with painkillers that properly mess you up. But I know the service is overwhelmed, the staff are always amazing.


Wishing could spend more time out the back of work, but I’m too busy and it stinks of bones, so I can’t


Woke up from a dream where I saw Van Morrison sing an Afghanistan war protest song in the 60s and then Neil Young played a song called “Woman Is My Number, And The Colour Is Green”


I don’t get it


Wish I could go into the office even for a day, but not sure if I’d freak out when I get there.

What’s coming up today? Same thing. Got plans tomorrow and Thursday and Saturday, probably my busiest post lockdown week, cannae wait hen

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hate it when i lie in for too long and then don’t have enough time for a shower before my first teams meeting


Said I had a migraine and did a sick day on the HR thing we use. Now wracked with guilt. Just need a fucking day off.

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that’s fine and you shouldn’t feel guilty


Yup. It’s fine.
Now just relax.

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No plans.
Nothing to report.



So so tired

  • I’m more tired lately
  • I’m less tired lately

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I ticked one of the eight things on my to-do list off today, then spent 20 minutes on DiS. Work-life balance.

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Getting my first haircut since last August today but they’ve asked me to turn up with clean dry hair which I guess means they’re not going to wash and blow dry :frowning: that’s like half of the reason I wanted to go

Just realised I’ve actually no idea who the leader of the lib dems is atm

Have made three social plans for the week and it already feels like too much imho.

Like I know I haven’t seen you guys in months and I love you and miss you but also fuck off I have films to watch in the dark