Tuesday blue skies

Neither do they

got no social interactions booked in for 2 weeks, well happy about it. feel like it takes me the entire week to wind down from every weekend at the moment, even if it’s just like going for a 2 hour walk or something. come on, brain

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They have moved beyond such simple concepts as having a “leader” or “policies” or “a hope in hell”

Ed ‘the caretaker’ Davey

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No he’s not one of my friends sadly Eric


I fell asleep on the sofa after d & d last night , then woke up at 2am then went to bed but couldn’t really settle properly so I’m sleepy today

No huge plans beyond work and odd tasks around the flat. Will do a lunchtime bike. The beach was so nice yesterday I might go there with my book again later on

Someone presumably got paid to write this.

got my first haircut in months last week, ended up paying extra for a beard trim cos the guy offered it mid haircut and I was enjoying it too much to say no


Morning all. I currently have the Alex Turner :neutral_face: and Miles Kane :face_vomiting: Last Shadow Puppets song My Mistakes Were Made For You stuck in my head and it’s not fucking moving.

Don’t even know how it got in there I was listening to Ezra Furman on the way in, should have Pot Holes bouncing round my head if anything.

Dropped R off ok in the end but now have crushing feelings of inadequacy as it was my brother who somehow got him happy to go while I was brushing my teeth and getting ready.

Having major anxiety about pretty much everything today and feeling like I have got myself in way over my head with some stuff. Fuck.

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Today would have been my dad’s 64th birthday. Facebook has very kindly reminded me of celebrations past. Meh.

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isn’t this the plot of ‘her’

not going to read it obviously


Do you ever think people working there say ‘God its like that show 24hrs in A&E in here’?

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Morning all!

The Child is at nursery. I’ve done a load of washing and restocked our groceries.

Wor Lass is watching Dynasty. I’ll probably have a coffee before I try to do some admin.

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There’s 2 interim ones at the moment I googled it a week or so ago and can still only remember one of them Ed Davey

My mam’s got a salon. No blow drying at the moment I’m afraid.

Anyone use one of them leg pillows?

Great unused Mclusky lyrics?



not a great start to the day:
flat tyre - check
suspected gas leak - check

gas engineer is on his way over. gonna pop out and get some coffee