Tuesday blue skies

Best caretaker name

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  • Frank
  • Bob

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watched Big Trouble last night for the first time in yonks!


you enjoy it?!

Sorta. Can’t really tell if it’s a serious film or not, being that it’s Carpenter… but it was hella goofy

i’m not sure the gas engineer will change your tyre but i guess you can ask


Morning. Day of normal work then driving to Liverpool tonight. Taking my own pillow and sheets with me because i don’t trust premier inn. Engineering a stop at Tebay on the way. Hope I get let back into Scotland on Thursday.

you busy today? well, i just watched the tebay services promo film


Are we back? I think we’re back


and its live!

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Never too busy to not watch a Tebay video. I feel reassured

There was a fox chilling in next door’s garden this morning.

What’s the appropriate way for me to share a picture now?


did dis stop working for a bit there?

How is Syro six years old?

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Turned out after I rushed to wash and blow dry my hair before my appointment that they needed to wet it to cut it anyway and then blow dried it

Should have just called to ask, love getting my hair washed

Slip it under their door?

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yay i avoided dis downtime.

You’ve jinxed it now

Oh that’s a bit odd. My mam is currently washing hair, but not blow drying. Customers have to go home with a wet barnet.

They should bring back those big ones your whole head goes in