Tuesday bluesday

I hate to be a prolific thread creator but no daily thread?

It’s freezing pals. Absolutely freezing.

Good lord, I’m soaked. Waterproof coat clearly not very waterproof. How does everyone else in the office not have wet thighs? Bet they all drive in, in their giant tory cars.


My ears are gonna fall off


Too cold to get out of bed. I simply shan’t do it.


Had to get the scraper out for the first time this winter i. Should (hopefully) be a low key day. Couple of informal catch ups with my team and get bits up and running for tomorrow. Then day off tomorrow. Woooo

Went for a run. Was cold.

Team at work are being awful. Didn’t sleep well, bad mood. Trying to fight through it!

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Been to circuits, going back to bed. Got to drive to Oxford at some point today. 12 hour round trip for a 3 hour training session, yay! Still, Tebay.

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had the scraper out on sunday


might wear gloves today

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Morning all!

Listened to the first Rage Against The Machine album on my commute into work. I’m now ready to destroy the system by any means necessary, as long as those means involving conducting a possible 51 speaking assessments between now and hometime.

Prepped some slow cooker lentils last night so should have a stew going on by the time I get back.

I did not have to scrape my car but it is cold.


couldn’t face cycling in today. Probably the right choice.

Just got transition schedule for my son’s new school: gonna be doing lots of half days/wfh from now until Christmas.


All of which are American dreams


Morning! Oh, how I wish this bitter day, not fit for man nor beast, could be warmed by the promise of fortune delivering something to raise the spirits in this cruel spell of Winter I…

…but hark! What is this beacon of golden light? A raffle you say? Why, what fine chance my wishes are fulfilled! This blasted season may bear promise yet!

(anyone want a raffle ticket?)


Got a 36 page booklet of primary schools admission guidance to read and really feeling cost benefit analysis.

Fuck you, I won’t stew what you tell me!


What’s wrong with being a prolific thread creator?

I need to remember to enter later!

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Took 15 minutes to find a bloody parking spot. I blame the fairweather cyclists.