Tuesday bluesday

Fucking hell this is making me angry. So carelessly written in terms of barely considering any non-normal or more precarious situations.

For example, in my current conditions I have absolutely none of the proof of address documents they might require (no council tax stuff or utility bills because it isn’t my property, and no driving licence because I don’t drive and could never afford to [surely should have a passport option, not that I have that, but at least you don’t have to do anything more than form filling to get that, unlike a driving licence…])

Lots of stuff insensitively phrased to single parents as well.

Edit addition: also do not get me started on the 3rd of February change of address deadline and how this is disproportionately unfair on poorer families.


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Bought 4 jackets to try to find a suitable combo Of warmth and waterproofing and style.

So far, none the wiser. Might take it to the winter clothing thread later :cold_face:

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Alright. Back from a few weeks working in Switzerland so I’m gonna spend some quality time catching up on the Great Things Posted on Social Media thread, which is currently standing at 397 new posts.

It’s my mum’s birthday today and mine next week, so I’m off down to my parents’ this weekend to see the family. I’m already having to mentally prepare for arguing about politics with my Labour-turned-UKIP voter-turned-Lib Dem activist sister, my dad who will take any contrary point of view just to be a twat and also hates Corbyn (IMO because they are extremely alike), and my mum, whose political views are the last thing she heard from my sister and my dad. #pray4nemrac


India’s fucking massive lads (Should’ve probably figured this out before getting here tbh). Just ripped up the itinerary again or we’d be here for a year.


get a poll going in there! :slight_smile:

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No need for scrapers on windscreens in Brighton, although I have dug out my scarf.

Had a decent nights sleep for a change since the boy stayed in his own bed all night, although I did wake up too early after a mundane nightmare about my car not being parked where I left it. Thanks brain.

Actually think I’ve done myself in. Cannot get warm.


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Feeling very sorry for myself as I didn’t sleep well because of bruised ribs from yesterdays bike tumble.

Off to MCR tonight to The Most Beautiful Venue in the UK (The Albert Hall) to watch Ezra Furman. Who I love.

Might have a cheeky sausage in Albert Schloss beforehand if time.

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Hungry already. It’s going to be a long, long time until lunch.

Just had some ‘rhubarb crumble’ biscuits. Incredible :yum:


Hello today at work I have

  • Booked a train home for Xmas
  • Reserved a book for the gf’s Xmas present

Might do some more Xmas shopping

Can I have a new hat please Santa

morning folks, feeling a bit saucy today

HP Tuesday!

sorry not really a fan of brown sauce

doesn’t really taste brown to me, more like a reddish green

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Well this changes everything.

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