Tuesday bluesday.

Wonder how many I’ll have in my class today. Yesterday I had 20. Hoping parents are deciding to keep their kids off after yesterday?

I hope everyone has a less stressful day today. Everyone go and enjoy a nice morning cup of tea in bed x

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Morning Fappable. Hope you have a low key day.

Think this’ll be my last day in the office for the foreseeable, chief exec sent an email overnight advocating working from home where people are able to.

Coffee and podcast on the train, phone seems to be slowly dying…

I’m ridiculously tired, I didn’t sleep very well.

I need to go in to help with WFH plans and finishing stuff that can’t be done remotely. I need to get a move on as I’m a key holder and I’m not sure who else who has keys is going in today.

Popping into work to collect a few bits, then I have a physio appointment at the hospital which is just great timing innit :grimacing:

After that I will be WFHing until further notice. Going to be quite grim.

Morning fapps et al.

Wor Lass is sending herself back to A&E because she’s in so much gall pain.

I have been awake since 5.30 trying to make contingency plans for coursework which was due next week. Word on the street says we’re closed from Friday afternoon.

Going phone my manager soon to ask to WFH the rest of the week due to my cold, but then also to discuss doing it longer term too. Literally only one event from now til May that I have any need to be in the office for, and that one hasn’t even been fully arranged yet!

Gonna save so much money on lunches, though I’ll probably end up being about 75% soup by the end of it all

today’s a wfh test at my work. have been told that we don’t have anywhere near enough licences for the wfh software for everyone, so er that’ll work out well I guess? feel sorry for a different team in my department who’ve spent the last few days frantically building laptops so people can wfh when it’ll probably not work and they’ll get blamed for anything that goes wrong :frowning:

was going to go for a walk before work but someone’s decided to put a meeting in at 8am ffs

Got a nice hour and a half lie in due to wfh arrangements, so maybe this whole end days thing isn’t so bad after all.


At work. Yesterday was mad. 30% up on last week, 45% up on last year. It’s only going to continue. Sainsbury’s across the road has opened 2hrs earlier to capitalise on the situation.

Not in a good place today. Head’s all over the show and I’m full of worry. Somebody hold me please :sob:

Train station is absolutely dead this morn

Has the font changed? Looks lighter

  • Looks the same
  • Looks lighter

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Mum’s tesco is a 24 hour. But they’ve got back to 6am to 11pm. I assume to allow for cleaning and restocking shelves.

Not had any comms about wfh, but I am anyway.
Not sure wife is taking the prospect of me being at home for 3 months very well


Here you go mate, have a hug :hugs:


Local bottle shop said Friday was their busiest day of the year so far, and at the levels they’d expect during the build up to Christmas. Just nuts

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Sending you so many squeezes rich-t :hugs: xxxx

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.

  • Grow a self isolation beard
  • Don’t, you’ll look like that photo of Danny Dyer

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Just un-mirrored my face on Zoom. Brutally unsymmetrical.

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Does anyone wanna hear about my dream? I’m gonna tell you anyway.

I went to Romania and there was a terror attack on the biggest skyscraper with a plane and the building came tumbling down and it was utter chaos and I went down to ground zero to see if I could help with the rescue effort and I ended up spotting James Maddison and Caglar Soyuncu getting out of a taxi and I went to say hi and we all went for coffee instead of helping and we had a really nice time.