Tuesday (brrrr)



Cold out innit. A sultry -4°c this morning apparently. Did not want to get out of my lovely toasty bed. Another of day of CBA ahead. Just ticking them off until Christmas Eve.

Have fun today


Got a fever. Going to call work and chalk this one off as another video game and full fat coke day


Morning. Left a bit early this morning.
Ludicrously cold. My phone says -7.


In the morning?


Gig of the year, maybe the decade for me tonight:



Apparently only - 1 C here, but irrelevant for me as I will probably be spending the day primarily in two rooms as my bug has worsened somewhat. My mum is incredibly pissed with me for having to take the day off work to look after R for me, despite saying yesterday that it wasn’t a problem and I should ask if I needed help. I hate it when people tell you it is ok to ask for help then make you feel bad about it.


Just waiting 10 mins for the windscreen to defrost so I can drive the TV to the station. It’s so cold.


Icy as fuck this morning. Slid my wife’s car around the block after clearing the windows before jumping on the train. Do quite like these frosty mornings but appreciate it’s not nice for many people - stay safe.



Left the heating on all night haven’t I :hugs: :grimacing:


It’s quite cold isn’t it


-3°C here, have deployed a long sleeve t-shirt under my shirt which is under my jumper which is under my coat. still fucking freezing. couldn’t find my gloves either :frowning:

lovely clear sky/sunrise though, all purpley and stuff


days like today are the ones where I grateful that someone in my house knows how to work the timer on our heating and make it come on just before I get up :clap:




Ah, the sun wasn’t up when I was driving/walking in, but the sky was turning that lovely pale, light blue where dawn was imminently breaking.


Probably took a bit longer to render all the layers you’re wearing








Looking forward to work today. Actually, shite, I’ve just remembered we’re doing a manual handling course later. Booooooring.


In work, still in my coat. Flipping cold.

Nice sky though