Tuesday day thread, hi hello

Morning everyone,

Never up early enough to make one of these anymore. :wave:

Got a cup of tea of the go, and a hair appointment later on. I’ve also got my third eye infection since 2020 after having only ever had one or two in my life. Why? Whhhhyyyy?? Going to spend the next few weeks hiding in shadows then :expressionless:

Tell me about your days please :heart:

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Eek, accidentally posted this before thoroughly checking there wasn’t already another Tuesday thread. The early morning stress.

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Kid keeps waking up at 6. Bleurgh. Forget every summer how unpleasant it is waking up while it’s still dark out come autumn and winter.

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Morning troops.


Bit chilly out there. Considering wearing something other than shorts for the first time since May.

Going for a bike-train-bike ride in a bit to see my grandma for her birthday. Obligatory cob and a pint for lunch at the station pub on the way back.

I also have an eye infection @Witches I’ve only ever had them after long haul flights so not sure what the deal is.

Have had a headache for about 9 days now too but that might be down to never drinking anything.

Off to try a new waxing place at lunch time. Bit nervous as was with my last place since 2006. Seeing my pal later, though they’ve gone suspiciously quiet so…am I?!

Aw no, they’re so annoying. I’m currently sat on the sofa holding a hot salty compress on my eye :laughing: Hope both our eyes get better soon :crossed_fingers:

Mine’s almost gone now thankfully, been about 10 days. Quick healing to you!

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Morning. Going into an office for the second day running for the first time since 2019. It’s tough being me.


Doing 5 days either in our offices or in rooms in other office buildings this week. Brutal reminder of how silly this was.

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Thank you :heart:

In the office for the first time in a long time,
God I wish I wasn’t :roll_eyes:

Morning all :wave:

Hope your eye gets better soon @Witches :crossed_fingers:

Currently nap trapped (re)watching Superstore. After nap is over I’ll go get dressed, get F ready and then going to see my Mum. Then its a bit of a day of errands. Supermarket and Post Office. Then got a load of baby stuff to sort out (listing some on Vinted, some to go to the baby bank) and the bigger size ones she’s now in to put away.

I need to go pick up a parcel from an Evri collection point called “Planet Of The Vapes” so there’s that, accidentally got it sent there instead of my usual collection point…

Might get Mc Do for lunch on my travels.

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Current status:

pokemon GIF

Was dropping off to some real good deep sleep, but then my dream started getting too real and heavy or something and I had to wake myself up

So a good few hours of middle of night Game of Thrones lore videos it was

Absolutely destroyed now as a result and can’t even get through to my doctor on the phone ffs. MOAN

Tbh I think I had a sex dream that was so real it freaked me out and that’s what did it

Cursed by my own libido

Morning. Rain’s on. Drop offs done. Off to work for the grind.


Still really tired, still full of anxiety about not very much really but my brain and body are not having it

Mainly full of dread cos I’ve got to go to Worcester tomorrow

Morning everyone. Don’t normally pop in these as…well doesn’t feel like I do much.

And no different today but I did get slightly more sleep than normal so don’t feel quite as shitty as I normally do in the mornings.

So anyway hope everyone has a great day, usual routine of a bit of work and a lot of dog walking for me.


Me at work today

stitch ilu allim just awkward GIF