Tuesday day thread

I woke up and can’t get back to sleep. Is anyone else awake yet?

Morning. Off today. Want to do a walk, weather is shitty, so :person_shrugging:

Same. Thought i was gonna have to get up with a bairn at half 5 but she seems to have settled. I can’t drop off though

Hey up. Dog woke at 5.30 so that was me up.

Work isn’t it. Rain, wet play, dance practice after school. Ooof.

Doing some temp work in a coffee shop, will report back if anyone asks for a “white coffee”


Woke up.

Puzzles done.

The worst

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WTF is wet play

Lessons to ensure kids can do it on cold rainy Tuesday nights in Stoke


Not much, WTF is wet play with you?

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Mornin all

Gonna have a hot X bun for breakfast and then be bored for the rest of the day.
Basically this:

Might even do a bit of revision for work actually.

I’m sure when I was at secondary school, we were made to go outside regardless of how grim the weather was. They stay inside at the school my wife teaches at though. Kids are soft these days!

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Lunchtime indoors at primary school

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I’ve managed to fill about 80% of my day with webinars and CPD activities and that, so that’s good. Unfortunately part of the remaining 20% includes a meeting with my boss about the remaining gaps in my annual performance objectives, then though they know I’m outta here one way or another in the next few months.

Going to be extremely hard to not Partridge shrug through that


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Morning all!

I’m hoping to clear some marking and play some games today, with a short class this afternoon in between.

My secondary school would let us leave early if we hadn’t had any outside time during the day due to wet breaks.

@Epimer there are loads of cheap Converse here including these which I might buy

(They’re all showing as full price on results pages but when you click through many are cheap)


Had a little cry before leaving to work as I have a dicky tummy but it’s okay, we get up and carry on.

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Like for bravery

Had some not-unexpected but still disappointing news confirmed this morning so in a bit of a slump. Lots of meetings today but hoping to be able to get a quick lunch swim in :crossed_fingers:t2:

London can fuck off to be honest


Sleep Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

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