Tuesday day

having a teams meeting with our big boss and all my colleagues are pissing themselves at my moustache


fried off some chorizo and fresh chilli. mashed up some avacado with some chilli flakes, chipotle flakes. squeeze of fresh lemon, seasoning and drizzle of olive oil. scrambled a couple of eggs, added the avacado mix and chorizo/chilli mix, grated over some cheese and splashed a bit of tobasco.

super tasty with a good kick. :+1:



Get it in @Funkhouser’s charity cookbook lopes!

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the what now?!

Have tagged you in.

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missed this, will have a wee read through. :+1:

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I’ve got a right grouch on today. Might just go back to bed.

Actually slept okay last night, a miracle.

Air drumming to Blast Tyrant and trying to summon up enthusiasm for work. Had my 1:2:1 yesterday, passed my probation, which was good. Got really upset though as we talked about my closed off nature and how people are unsure what I’m feeling or how I feel about things and basically had to talk about my old cunt of a boss who made my life hell at my old place, which I think is the reason why I am very private now. Urgh. Draining.

Oh shit, that sounds like extremely hard work! I really dislike 1-2-1s that turn into therapy sessions… I really try and avoid that when I’m holding one with my direct reports.

Top work on passing probation though.

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So am I.

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I wonder what’s going on with SEAL Team Bravo or whatever, today :thinking:

Spent too long sitting on my leg and now I’ve lost my foot.

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So do I, and that’s why I’m about to get up and watch it with my spinninninning.

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I absolutely fucked up my foot doing this yesterday. I think I’ve pulled something in my foot after sitting on it for too long and loosing feeling. Be careful FL!

Ouch :grimacing:

I will bear in mind this cautionary tale. Relocated my foot, but only after descending some stairs and having to look at my feet to make sure I was properly on each step.

Yeah this is the first proper 1:2:1 I’ve had, it was actually good though to talk and I didn’t go massively in depth as I would have needed a whole day probably! I did mention about wanting a mentor, as I really found that helps. Thank you, had some nice comments from my colleagues, made me feel valued :slight_smile:


Done some more cleaning now gonna watch all of This Country again and eat my bodyweight in Firecracker Lobster crisps.


Tendon repaired, all stitched up, orthopaedic shoe on.

Nhs is bloody brilliant isnt it.