Tuesday daytime


I’ve been awake since half four.

Today already feels like a struggle.








Awake since six here. Fuck this.


Half day today


05.15 here. no good at all man

the only way I get a solid 8 hrs these days is when I have a few drinks. again - no good at all man


Went to bed at half 9 so feel a-OK.

Might have to do a presentation at work though…and I can’t be fucked with that.


Still at home having porridge


Left my gloves on the train omg fml :sweat::cry::sob:


So cold :sob:


I’ve got a cold coming on so I

  1. didnt have a shower and just got dressed (had one last night but still)
  2. had a potato scone sandwich for breakfast with loads of spread and hp sauce
  3. gonna go into class, pick up some books from the library and delicious snacks and work from bed for the rest of the day


I’m on a train, i can’t complain


During my trip to our San Francisco a project plan was formulated which involves me spending 4 weeks out there in Jan/Feb. Quite excited to escape winter although obvs will miss the TV during that time.


Were they black or navy?!?


You’re winning so far…


got so much life admin (ladmin) to do today. probably gonna take all day just to get on top of it.

lucky I’ve got nothing in particular to do, eh!

jazz life


Not sure on ‘ladmin’ here (as a huge fan of the portmanteau, my opinion should carry weight). Sounds a bit UniLad for my liking.


Drove to work today. My hands are fucking freezing.

Driving gloves?

  • Bit Partridge, mate
  • A necessity in this weather

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Driving in gloves rather than driving gloves, if you know what I mean.