Tuesday early twats thread



Got away with playing guitar :guitar: for 15 mins while he lay in his jungle gym this morning. Result. Not sure how the neighbours feel about Deep River Blues at 6am but fuck it.

Listening to Graceland LP now. Oh just realised he’s asleep in my arms. What now.

What was the last thing you played on the guitar :guitar:?

What was the last vinyl you listened to?

Who was the last person to fall asleep in your arms?


Day off but never wake up any later than 7am. Probably just lie here making productive plans for hours and never do any of them.


Feel free to go ahead and answer the questions in the op if it please you mlud


Being locked into waking up early is the worst. No matter what I’m doing the night before I’m awake by eight and just resigned to feeling tired all day


Mornin, what a shitty day out.

Last thing I played on guitar I think was probably a track we use to play in our band called space crusade!

Last vinyl I listened to was Ezra furman’s day of the dog.

My ex, now essentially my tv.


shit nights sleep


Pre-work climb. :muscle:
All downhill from here…

Never played guitar
Last vinyl was an old ambient dub compilation i like to listen to while ironing.
Last person to fall asleep in my arms was the wife. Wasn’t holding her like a baby though.


I am a right early twat this morning, up at 4:30. Been eating quality street in the office.

Last guitar playing was some sort of cod-bossa chords I made up. Been thinking I want to learn Tweeter and The Monkey Man by Travelling Wilburys though.

Last vinyl was Martin Carthy’s Crown of Horn.

Last sleep in the arms was the tv, though probably more like her arm draped over my belly


Why is meths in a ‘jungle gym’?


Woken up feeling quite irritable, then i missed my usual train and then when i got on the next train which is always mega busy i saw some megatwat who had decided to sit on the aisle seat whilst no one was sat on the window???;#;!,@,@,!

R u avin a laugh


“Excuse me, may I sit in the window seat there?”





If I can have bass, the last thing I played was the intro to Day of the Baphomets up until the really bullshitty part.

No idea what I last listened to on vinyl, I don’t have a record player. Maybe some Jimi Hendrix?

'er indoors.

Wfh, which is good because I got a rubbish night’s sleep. Netrunner tournament yesterday, and my brain doesn’t switch off after those.

One of the lads there is moving away and this was his last time there, which is sad. I was the first person he ever played, a few years ago, and it was a bit rubbish because the only deck I had with me then was really obnoxious for new players. He told me last night that ever since then, his one Netrunner goal was to win a single game - not even a whole match - against me.

We got paired in the first round of the tournament. It’ll be the last time I play him, and he might not even find a group when he moves, so it could be his last match ever. So, bearing in mind all of the above… I fucking crushed him and went on to finish top.

tl;dr I’m amazing



Last thing I played on guitar was something classical. Last vinyl record was Lou Reed - Transformer. Last person to fall asleep in my arms was my ex.

Starting to regret staying up for the debate, it’s going to be a long day.


I just opened the fridge and tried to put a box of cereal away in it


Beetlebum, for her. She likes the guitar but I don’t really know the songs she wants, e.g. Let It Go.


Yeah this. I don’t get why that’s a problem. If you’re tall like me then there often isn’t really much room in the window seat.


Hello early twats. Pretty ruined after shooting a video for 13 hours straight yesters.

Last record i played was stevie nicks’ other side of the mirror. Havent played guitar really since i was recording maybe 6 months ago, so one of my own songs. Probably my mate’s dog for the last q.




Morning! Tired and can’t be bothered.

Cant play guitar.

Kaleidoscope by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Probably the puppy.


probably some easy neil young song (badly)
i was an eagle by laura (marling)
nephew (baby)

it’s dark this morning but I hope you all have nice days.