Tuesday eve


Hiii, I’ve just sat down after an epic climb to the sudsy top of Mt. Dishes. Why the fuck has no one created dishes that self clean yet??? BAH!

In other exciting news it’s fish and chips with a side order of ketchup on the menu tonight. Is this cycling nonsense still on? If so I will be made to watch that. Hopefully no one gobs all over the place whilst I’m in the midst of eating my dinner like the other night. Bad. Very bad.

Anyway! YOU!! How are YOU? :wave: What you up to? Whatcha eatin’? TELL ME DAMNIT.


Watching the cycling nonsense and listening to the thunder rumble overhead. Cooking up a seabass and cous cous salad in a while


Still feel quite like burning everything I see


Hey up Witches

My lovely Birkenstocks broke today so am looking at new ones, tempted by shiny snake ones that look like oil on the road.

Had a great day at the Arboretum other than the sandal tragedy, looking at trees and eating ice-cream.
Had curry for tea, not advised in this weather to be honest.

Hoping the thunder comes in soon so I don’t need to water all the plants.

Anyone on here tie a :ribbon:? I have got a new top that would benefit from a proper one rather than my shoelace style.


Just hanging out in the sun wi Jackson and having a beer


Yeessss. What a dude.


Our toilet was so fucking blocked when I got in. Holy shit. Somehow Mr pn unblocked it so at least I can go to the loo again.

Probs have a cup of tea and read a book after the TdF highlights. Dinner was cous cous, chorizo and haloumi :ok_hand:


He’s being pretty well behaved, just chilling at my feet.
Normally he’s up and about and in everyone’s dinner to see what they got, and he’s not once tried to chase a van down the street :+1:


I really miss my bearded collie


Maybe I could bring him to the meat :grinning:


Holy fuck, that’d be amazing.


it’s soooo warm here. gonna be like 33˚ tomorrow.

my new job is really stressing me out cause they expect me to be able to work a computer :persevere:

generally had a really shit couple of days cause of an email my uni sent me basically telling me I’m crap and lazy. rather than replying directly to my email, my supervisor did a report for me which was entirely negative and really hostile. like the course is over but she still felt the need to send me this pure horrible report that will have absolutely no purpose now. pure pointless. like, I had managed to feel proud of myself for managing to get through the past year after having a severe anxiety disorder brought on by a traumatic experience last year that left me a lot more ill than I realised at the time. to have so many days where I was too ill to do any work, and most days where I was only able to do the absolute minimum, having to write about an essay a week, a successful phd application, get distinctions in all exams… then I still get this thing about failing to get the grades I should have been aiming for. fuck oxford.


He does love buckie and sleazys :grinning:


Watching that cycling nonsense, dunno why already read the result and it sounded boring.

Drinking a nice imperial IPA. Might start a book.


Spending the night eating halloumi and being sad about my past. I might have a whiskey, gonna try and get an early night

(will definitely stay up til 2 playing games on my phone or something)


Guys, my sister shot my dog :sleepy:


Came home from work, cut the grass, chatted with the goats, ate salmon and salad.

That’s IT folks.


At my first friendly of the season against Concord Rangers. Their keeper is absolutely piff. He can get his balls in my net :eggplant:




just called my dad and he go me to speak to my auntie’s dog :dog: