Tuesday Evening 11/06

Alright fam, I’m on a long train, again. This is my life now. Going to watch both series of Fleabag again because what else am I going to do? The Hotel Chocolat at Euston is a killer by the way :woman_shrugging:

What’s everyone up to? Make this a good thread tonight yeah? Go on…

Evening laelfs, you do love a long train journey.:+1:
I’ve popped into my wee local place as I got a notion for a beer and fuck me doesn’t it taste good. I’ll try and just keep it to a couple.
I’m excited because tomorrow is the new Dylan doc on Netflix and I have some friends coming over with a lot of very good wine, canny wait.

I should probably make some dinner later.


@profk m8 can I get a laxative from Eroski/Lidl or am I going to have to find a pharmacy?

Asking for a… me.

Eat some cheese?

Holiday’s going great, thanks for asking.


Bit worried that might end up in a Schrödinger’s diarrhea scenario.

You might shit out a cat?


pharmacy I think man.

well, I know, they don’t sell medicine in supermarkets here.


Shudder, someone just found this in an airbnb.

Feel really anxious tonight, incomplete toothy typewriter not helping matters.

Ate lunch too late today and now I’m unsure about the dinner situation, don’t eat and get really hungry before bed or eat when I’m not hungry.

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Alright. Watching What We Do In The Shadows and waiting for my partner to come home. Got a massive bowl of soup for tea. It’s pretty damn tasty. Need to clean up. CBA guys, cba

Oh, and something has taken the bottom out of my bird feeder, so I have fat balls steady laying around in the garden. Worried about squirrels again now

Mrs W is out tomorrow and I have the place to myself. I am very much looking forward to this.

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Evening all.

Off out to a gig, but I’ve got an, erm, dodgy tummy. Could be a challlenge.

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Alright epimer

hope the gig is good

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Watching Gossip Girl, got pizza ‘n’ chips in the oven, had a long, bad day, so got some ciders in to commiserate that it should be my Friday night but isn’t.

Evening! Panicked cos I’d not sent my eBay thing I sold yet so looked at the address and it was a MILE from my house so I just walked it over and was told not to worry about refunding the postage.

What are the chances, hey? What are they?


Woooooooo weebers got an empty! What time will we all pour round?!


“pretty fucking slim, Cheggers!” DiS seemed to chant back at me

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But enough about his bowels, eh.