Tuesday Evening 30-Jul-2019

Evening folks. I’m at the airport and my plane has been delayed an hour so you get the privilege of my chat. Eating a chicken Caesar salad for tea and catching up on my expenses.

Tell us what you’re up to?

** Anyone who posts a snarky remark about it not being the right time to start an evening thread is a big smelly dog poo


I’m having a Caesar salad too

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Salad of kings

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got a cool wasps nest being built in what I believe to be next door’s house but it could be mine. Did you know there can be like 3000 wasps in one nest?

We’re having jacket potatoes.

Kids want macaroni so have to make cheese sauce too.

Might combine the two for a @anon19035908 king of the Carb style dinner.




my evening started at 10 to 5, when that gnome passed my a crisp glass of Marlborough SB. I’ve since done the washing up and have returned, triumphant in my quest.

Having pizza chicken for dinner tonight, which I think has a proper name, but pizza chicken will do, imo.

Might switch off with some music and Carclesonne in a while.



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Had a disappointing dinner but can’t break the no going to Co-op twice in one day rule. Irksome.




Just had a big breakthrough on a work problem I was stuck with for a few days, so it’s now officially the evening before it goes wrong again.

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Nice :+1:

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Evening. Feeling deflated and meh. Even a full reduction section didn’t help. You know those meh days. Yea. That.

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I got a beer as a payday treat

Anchovies on your caesar salad

  • Yes NY, this is a true caesar salad
  • No, I don’t enjoy true caesar salads

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don’t eat fish and I don’t even know what a caesar salad is

I asked for them to be removed from mine. No need for fishy burps :woman_shrugging:

Been standing at the train station debating whether to go to a thing or get home

Fuckin rain has done me plans in ayit

If it suddenly becomes sunny and glorious within two minutes of the train leaving the station

I will be


Irked I say