Tuesday evening eh?

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Recently we’ve been applying for passports for my 4 month old - he has 3 nationalities and all of the application processes have been an utter nightmare. We started the torturous process for Italian, UK and Brazilian passports - without which we’re trapped here and can’t see family. It’s been stressful, but today we had a passport confirmed by May 18th so we can travel in June and my family can meet my son! Well done to :brazil: for winning the passport race.

How was your day? What’s for tea? What’s on telly?


Had Vietnamese for dinner.

Now going to tackle my enormous computer game backlog my playing Mass Effect for the third? fourth? time


Seems weird that we’ve gone from a situation where I’m pretty sure I was on my Dad’s passport with no picture til I was about 8 or 9 twenty years ago, to modern times where a three month old needs one.

Doing some prep for an interview. Cba though and tempted to do all my prep tomorrow morning (it’s in the afternoon)

  • Good idea
  • No, do it tonight and more tomorrow if you need it
  • Split it over tonight and tomorrow

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Mad isn’t it - my sisters were just named on my mum’s passport at one point, I’m sure of it.

I’m guessing it’s because my partner is from Brazil, but the UK passport application required documents including her parents’ (so my son’s grandparents’) birth and marriage certificates, legally translated from Portuguese to English. Insane. It’s going to take years.

Who’s a tired wee scout?:raised_hand:

Running a tour straight after getting off the train home has tipped me into delirium.

Look like pure shite babes, saw myself in a lift mirror and still haunted by it tbqh.


Had a shitty day and the evening is off to a shitty start too. I can’t even moan about it to my boyfriend because the poor thing has to get up at 4am tomorrow

You can moan about it to me if you like :blush: you can dm if you need to vent

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Just booked a few nights in Italy in June to go and watch some non league football teams

You’ll sleep better if you do some tonight

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Ordered kebabs for tea cause I couldn’t be cba to cook. Now watching crime TV and lying down and that’s about it.


Cleaned the top of one section of the kitchen cabinets. Is so quick and easy to do now. My life is changed. Hurrah.

Just made and ate a chilli and now I am rolling around the flat because I am full.

Once I can move again I will put a wash on and then wash myself.

Wash wash wash.

Yeah until the late 80s it was just written in biro. And you had your spouse’s photo in it too. That’s how i found out my dad had been married before, which was a secret for some reason. But also found out she had the same name as my mum…and looked almost exactly the same but blonde. Strange discovery that.

Really enjoying this website archive…

Aye aye

Made this summery salad with sugar snap peas, spring onion, red onion, cucumber, toms and radish, new potatoes, marinated chicken and dressed in a honey mustard dressing. Excellent.

Caught the sun on my 10.5 mile walk, but did spot a lot of birds. Happy day. Night shift tomorrow, so effectively have a full day to myself to look after my son.


That’s very nice of you! It’s nothing very personal or private, I’m just having a very frustrating time on a course this week and then my dinner turned out to be an inadequately small portion and various other minor problems.

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Friend made me a killer dinner


Oh yeah that guy running it sounds like a right plonker.

The small things can be the most upsetting sometimes :open_hands:

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Been trying to determine if the alarm that’s been going off somewhere just within earshot since sunday really is still going or if it’s just embedded itself in my consciousness. I’m pretty sure now it’s still going

Just put the legendary tip in my mouth


After a shitty couple of weeks at work (some of it my fault, some of it not) I finally got on top of everything today after pulling my finger out of my arse and addressing all the problems that had arisen.

It was a bloody long day (12 hours or so) but it feels so great - kicking myself that I didn’t just do this a week ago.

Now with wine and awaiting an old mate in the pub.