Tuesday Evening Football Refuge Thread


Alright? I’m in Liverpool on work business so that can only mean one thing! Debating whether to watch the football alone in my hotel room or find a local pub. Anyway, what are you all up to/ eating? Here’s my dinner.


It’s probably going to be a bit quiet in here tonight, isn’t it?


drake’s first draft needed work

i just recorded my fastest ever time for a 5km on the rowing machine, so i’m feeling quite pleased with myself. in the process, however, i seem to have managed to give myself a blister under an existing blister :confused:


Oh wait he’s got his balloons out


5k is quite a long way on a rowing machine!


woah this looks amazing whatever it is!


is it? it’s quite arbitrary, tbh - my dad’s got a rowing machine, and when i moved back i went on it and rowed until i got bored, and i had done about 5km, so that became my default distance to try and beat my time on!


Don’t feel quite right. Not ill, just a bit off. Blaming it on the heat.

Eating dinner and watching Futurama now though.




yeah, that threw me a bit as well


Evening all.

Waiting for the neighbours to come round so that we can talk them through feeding the cat while we’re away. They’re fifteen minutes late and no sign of them though.

Toddler bedtime soon and the boy’s borderline delirious. This doesn’t bode well for an easy one tonigh.


When Colombia score, obvs


It’s about 25min, no? That always seems to be a long time to be rowing.


Weird, I just walked past wahaca in Liverpool about 10 minutes ago. Small world


What is it :confused:


How quick did you do it in?

I’ve got my 1k down to 4 min 10 but then I am dead and almost fall over so fuck 5k!!


Are you a Liverpudlian disser then? I thought they were a mythical creature.


Is that a philosophical question?


Really pissed off that love island isn’t on til 9:30!! Tbh I can’t wait for England to be knocked out tonight :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Having noodles which i’ll have to cook cause of stupid :soccer:️!


How does that question make you feel?