Tuesday evening here again what fun we are going to have

Working on a thing about extreme weather but not allowed to mention climate change in case it annoys gammons. Working til 10. Wagsy’s for tea I guess.

Turns out there were some paint-covered t shirts in there. I think we last painted something over a year ago.

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Was determined to wash my hair tonight, don’t think it’s gonna happen now

oh yeah! I need to send my bottle back at some point.

I often compare the laundry basket to that magic porridge pot story. No-one else does it or gets the hint though.

  • Wagamama
  • Mildred’s
  • Diner
  • stfu

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who’s mildred

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yer maw

Glad they arrived safely! :grinning:

Is that sauce unopened? I did fill it to the brim but I’ve noticed with some of the run off sauces I’ve bottled that when they settle there seems to be a huge gap at the top. Even after a good shake and top up during the filling process. Most frustrating!

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cheers again for sending these, fucking bonus bottle as well. :grinning: :+1:
they are unopened but i canny wait to try em both out, just trying to decide on the perfect food stuff to try them out on. :grinning:

Ah that’s annoying! I was hoping to use these bottles for selling sauce which ain’t gonna work if I can’t even fill them. Hope you don’t feel sorry changed - I’ve for bloody loads left and I’d have topped it up if I’d have noticed!

Whit, don’t be daft ma man, in no way whatsoever do I feel short changed.
It’s as full as I’d expect from the shops:


Hotel night, got a twin room again somehow

  • Left bed
  • Right bed

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General rule of thumb for me in these situations is bed farthest from the door.


I don’t know that story…

Mine gets emptied quite regularly but my wardrobe is also definitely shallower, so I have to wash things more often.

Farted while the guitar tuning app on my phone was open. It was a pitch perfect A.

  • Nearest the window
  • Furthest from the door
  • Close to the door
  • Far from the window
  • Other

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just checked my bank account after that weekend in amsterdam. i’m going to now lie down in a dark room


Bed nearest the bathroom