Tuesday evening innit

Shoot. What you up to tonight?

Making veggie Cajun wraps with guac, salsa, sour cream and salad. Currently low frying the peppers and onions.

Got a radler on the go and listening to my big 2022 playlist


had some tomatoes with dinner that had little nipples on them, interesting I thought as I’ve never seen them like that before


Good evening!

I have a had a day. At the end of my tether with certain things to do with my Nanna and it’s making me very stressed, as I seem to constantly have been about her for the last six years.

Still. Today is done. Tonight I shall eat pizza and drink wine and watch football aaaaaand start Kafka on the Shore (thanks for the recommendation @keith! Got myself a copy and v excited).

May you all have wonderful and calm evenings x


Evening all!

Work went as expected and I’m on strike tomorrow.

Wor Lass made meatballs and pasta sauce with lamb meatballs and cauliflower bolognese from the freezer, alongside all of the pasta in the house and two loaves of garlic bread.

If anyone in NW Glasgow needs carbs, we can help you.


On the train home. This commuting thing sucks when your bikes broken

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Really busy day and now I’m all tired again. Jacket potatoes for tea with leftover carnitas and then I may well crack open the giant easter egg.


My back hurts and my mouth feels like its in another dimension, nothing feels right with my braces in on some days. I’m very sensitive about textures/sensations for a couple of years now, good ones feel nicer and bad ones feel worse.

Today’s sample pack aftershave started off really nice and citrusy but now the top notes have fucked off it smells exactly like a specific kind of Sure anti-perspirant that I strongly dislike.

Actually might shower it off.

Hi! Not in the mood for cooking tonight but not sure what I really want.

Can anyone remember if your council tax direct debit just starts again without you having to do anything or whether you need to set up the dates again (if you pay over 10 months and May is month 1). Everytime I forget.


Debating going looking for an easter egg but also need to do some exercise tonight. Do not want. Somehow got a never ending list of life admin to do at the moment and need to send off some applications and whatnot. Blegh. Think i have misery pasta to use up as well. What a cursed evening.

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Mine just rolls over each year and I don’t have to do anything. I think it actually says that on the bill,too.



I’m sat in m’s room looking at a toy ornagutan that shakes its butt to music, whilst she’s in my room listening to Maria Callas.

Team misery pasta here…might just have a chai tbh.

Paesano and Lucy Dacus. And creeping work dread.


Ah, hope lucy dacus is mint

We had Mac cheese with peas. Was alright.

R is at piano, when they get back it’ll be big match, wine and bit of Ozark.

Had an excellent day at the beach with the dog.


Just remembered that I have Derry Girls from last week to watch.

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I’m starting to go out on my evening walks. I’m at my half way point taking in lovely views of the M25.


Hello friends, we had leftover garlic curry and freshly made naans for dinner + green veg :yum:

I’ve baked a coconut, raspberry, chocolate chip tray bake cake thing and once it’s cooled I was going to drizzle melted white chocolate over it but I’m bit worried it’ll be too much as I messed around with the recipe a bit as it seemed a bit stingy on the flour (so added some blitzed oats and then decided to counter that I needed to add another egg and then @Avery suggested it probably needed more fat now so I poured a bit of extra melted butter in and when I took it out of the oven butter was bubbling up around the corners and now the edges look sort of foccacia like…)

  • Still add the white chocolate - you’ll need it for your coconut flakes to stick to the top
  • Don’t add the white chocolate jfc it’s going to be too rich already
  • your post was TLDR but I do like a poll

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Going to do some food prep for work lunches now if I cba and then hopefully read for a bit then a TV show then bed :sleeping:

Ps. The coconut flakes aren’t in the recipe either