Tuesday evening is here

It’s a gorgeous night in Glasgow so I might go out for a walk - love the daylight at this time of year. Not sure about dinner as I had a big lunch - some beans maybe to get some fibre?

What are you all up to?


its such a nice night I’ve decided to ride my bike indoors

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I did actually consider riding my own bike outside but that would involve taking two locks and a cover off it and frankly that’s too much effort.

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I look like Slenderman with the abdomen of a pot bellied pig

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fao @Epimer


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Why does everything have a ton of chilli in it? Just had to throw half my dinner out.

Got a stupid article to write tonight and I really really want to just sleep instead

Also considered riding my bike in Glasgow, but had already walked an hour home so CBA.

Just had a big bowl (Tupperware container) of leftover spagbol.

Doesn’t look anything like me

Raining. Putting the baby to bed. Then watch da footy and not drink alcohol

Have been sat outside for over an hour drinking beer.
Now inside ironing and packing whilst drinking wine and listening to John Wesley Harding, shout out to @rich-t :+1:
Should put some food on.


Having Thai takeaway because I threw my lunch away because I’m pretty sure the canteen staff lied to me about it being dairy free.

Gf is in Germany for work so I’m going to sit around in my pants playing computer games all night, probably.

Evening Leafy, all,

Now that you mention it, it’s right brightened up 'ere too. I’m a bit high on Extra Triple Action Strepsils, like, I’d say about 3 high. I’ve got a bit more bounce than I’d expect, for how undeniably slightly ill I am, and I’ve even felt the urge, ability and tenacity to singlehandedly change the bed, without that gnome even noticing. However, I’ve not yet started staring at my eyes in the mirror, nor is the carpet as fascinating as it could be.

Got a Massaman int’ oven, so the house, is probably smelling amazing. I write this as someone with very little sense of smell left, and even I can get a whiff of that aniseedy coconutty goodness. Think I’m going to spend all evening breathing trhough my mouth on the sofa. Must have a shower before nighty night time though, I owe it to my gnome, myself and the bed. Talk to you soon.


Aye👌 definitely taking the pooch up the windfarm as soon as the kids are down. Brilliant light.

So had my interview and it went very well, I felt pretty happy with all my answers and the presentation went good they seemed happy. Got a few weeks to wait to find out if I have any chance as they have a few more folk later in the month (I think) so fingers crossed.

If I don’t get it it is fine. Happy with not shitting the bed. But boy, it is right in town and I’d love to work in the city centre.


‘Taking the pooch up the windfarm’ has me tickled :joy::joy:


Also @laelfy here’s my beardless face


Bout to have white people japanese food and a beer. Then…


Your face looks cold

*not old

Had potato wedges in a pita with cheese for tea. Carb, carb, fat. Very very good.

Football later and trying to not have any gin. Still, holidays isn’t it,


New do