Tuesday evening, is it?


Got grief from my boss for leaving work on time, really put me in a bad mood.

  • food
  • masterchef
  • bed



Still in work chief. Got a doc’s appointment on Tuesday I’m quite proud of myself for at least making.
Food will probs be a beans on toast special.
I can’t really get over how many “finals” Masterchef can pretend to have.


Aye, the whole concept of finality in that show is pretty borked. We’re down to the final 11!!


absolutely cobbling together a dissertation plan to send to an angry supervisor


I don’t know how to break this to you but…




At risk of turning this into a moaning thread, it looks like my strike will continue on Thursday. Feeling very frustrated by the whole situation - the union line has been fully optimistic since Fri but they seem to actually be making no progress.

Might watch the Snoopy film later.


Gym , food , footy


Bake Off: Creme de la Creme? :wink:



In McDonalds wasting time before a band practice.
Band practice.
Masterchef (last night’s).
(actually quite pleased to hear there isn’t one tonight, means I can catch up. Sorry @ericthefourth).


There’s these Vietnamese coconut sweets in my office which I honestly can’t talk for about five minutes after eating. Tasty as fuck mind.

Actually might be Thai. What am I, customs?


They look awesome. They’re probably diabetic kryptonite.


So bloody chewy as well. But so moreish.


Had a really infuriating day, mostly because someone brought in a young baby to the open plan office space I was working in and it cried for THREE HOURS. And the person I was visiting was infuriatingly rude when I’m used to people bending over backwards to be helpful.

On the plus side I’m finally back in my own house, and I arrived home to find a lovely letter from @PocketMouse waiting for me. You have lovely handwriting pm. Sadly I’m just back from my travels so the postcards will have to wait, but I’ll get a letter on the go once I’ve practiced my handwriting a bit!



Currently in my slobs with my feet up. I think tonight I’ll mostly be not watching Masterchef.

(I might play some guitar and maybe read a bit of my book, which has been sat unread for a couple of months)


I’ve never watched the semis but I’ve just realised I’m out on Saturday so I might have a little watch.


oh no I feel sad and lonely :frowning:

ah well it was a good day mostly


Wish I had jammies. Might buy some.
:open_mouth: Might buy a dressing gown :open_mouth: