Tuesday evening, is it?

Got grief from my boss for leaving work on time, really put me in a bad mood.

  • food
  • masterchef
  • bed


Still in work chief. Got a doc’s appointment on Tuesday I’m quite proud of myself for at least making.
Food will probs be a beans on toast special.
I can’t really get over how many “finals” Masterchef can pretend to have.

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Aye, the whole concept of finality in that show is pretty borked. We’re down to the final 11!!

I don’t know how to break this to you but…


At risk of turning this into a moaning thread, it looks like my strike will continue on Thursday. Feeling very frustrated by the whole situation - the union line has been fully optimistic since Fri but they seem to actually be making no progress.

Might watch the Snoopy film later.

Gym , food , footy

Bake Off: Creme de la Creme? :wink:


In McDonalds wasting time before a band practice.
Band practice.
Masterchef (last night’s).
(actually quite pleased to hear there isn’t one tonight, means I can catch up. Sorry @ericthefourth).

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There’s these Vietnamese coconut sweets in my office which I honestly can’t talk for about five minutes after eating. Tasty as fuck mind.

Actually might be Thai. What am I, customs?

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They look awesome. They’re probably diabetic kryptonite.

So bloody chewy as well. But so moreish.

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Had a really infuriating day, mostly because someone brought in a young baby to the open plan office space I was working in and it cried for THREE HOURS. And the person I was visiting was infuriatingly rude when I’m used to people bending over backwards to be helpful.

On the plus side I’m finally back in my own house, and I arrived home to find a lovely letter from @PocketMouse waiting for me. You have lovely handwriting pm. Sadly I’m just back from my travels so the postcards will have to wait, but I’ll get a letter on the go once I’ve practiced my handwriting a bit!

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Currently in my slobs with my feet up. I think tonight I’ll mostly be not watching Masterchef.

(I might play some guitar and maybe read a bit of my book, which has been sat unread for a couple of months)

I’ve never watched the semis but I’ve just realised I’m out on Saturday so I might have a little watch.

oh no I feel sad and lonely :frowning:

ah well it was a good day mostly

Wish I had jammies. Might buy some.
:open_mouth: Might buy a dressing gown :open_mouth:

Watching great british menu :expressionless: