Tuesday evening is the evening that it is today

Hello. My head feels like it is trapped in a vice which is itself trapped in a slightly larger vice.

How are you all?

Watching my daughter headbang to Mogwai :heart_eyes:


Had a long day and a very shitty week. Finished now though so I’m having doner meat & chips and 4 cans of Devon Red cider for tea.


happy FF (Dewdey Friday)

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Colleague just called me on my personal number to ask if I knew the number for IT. Firstly, no, not off the top of my head, and secondly, it’s ten to seven, nobody’s going to answer the phone if I did know the number.

Gonna walk. Some kind of defrosted leftovers for tea.

Gonna film club.

Might have an evening shower to mix things up a bit.

Just been in the sea. Now Thai green curry wi prawns.



How was the temperature?

@Avery and I have already finished the batch of rocky road I made on Sunday (we did give our friends a couple each tbf)
… Although also tbf it was a double batch because I don’t believe in making single batches of anything…

  • You better make some more!
  • You don’t need more rocky road you’ve got cookie dough in the freezer (boring option for spoilsports)

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Might go have a bath

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Trying not to lose my mind over my pastry exam tomorrow.


Bon soir

I’m just off to the beach for the lowest tide of the year. I’m wearing water shoes so I’ll have a bit of a paddle and I’ll probably hold my new camera perilously close to the water. Pics later probably


Ooh this sounds both exciting and terrifying! Do you know what you’ll have to do?


Worried you’ve bitten off more than you can choux?

good luck


Evening all!

Work was a bit of a non-event today after the strike was confirmed. I’m personing the picket line tomorrow because my colleague has to picket somewhere else.

Attended a meeting tonight about exam replacement plans which are hurtling rapidly towards me doing extra work.

Today is also my Friday now. My Monday is 19th April. I deserve a beer but I’m still trying to avoid school night booze.

My eyes have been itchy and sore all day and it’s taken me until about 5.00 to think it might be hay-fever.

Might watch Emma later.

I have already done my choux exam, I passed. This is sweet shortcrust pastry.


I don’t have any puns for that sorry.

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Ps. @Epimer hope your head feels better soon

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there’s no shortcrusts to success in the pastry game.


Cold enough to be vaguely unpleasant but warm enough so I didn’t immediately run out


I meant the curry, obviously

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