Tuesday evening no thread?

I think they are, but bad experiences resonate so much more strongly with you than good ones (at least, they do for me, I think there was some science evidence backing this up but I can’t remember where from). I get told I’m too naive a lot and too trusting, and I’ve been burned by that in the past, but I think most people are decent (also, I have to take responsibility for my own part in other people not being great to me, either through me being callous and insensitive, or general MH stuff clouding my thinking or whatever).

Just ate some pasta with some pesto made out of leftover fridge and cupboard bits, now it is time to work!


You’d know poo alley peeper :wink:


It’s more the giant poos they leave behind that gives it away


Takes a pooer to know etc…


Car’s making a horrific noise. Got bad bad dread now

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Good evening.

I got nothing.

Is there a post what you want for Xmas thread?

Struggling to give siblings ideas.


The idea is that some people might give ideas that they can pass onto people and what not

Not that we all link our siblings to the thread.

Hi team. Op happened. No idea how it went but I’m tired sore and dehydrated. They teased me with early release but no Dr has seen me yet and now I feel like crap as the meds wear off.

Best thing is that the medication I make at work on plant was administered to me which is fun.


What happened that you needed a second op?

Good evening, this is off our first record, most people don’t own it

Post op pain from the first one skyrocketed on Sunday so I went in. They spotted a hernia on my first CT scan that looked to be fucking up my groin ligaments and nerves, so went in to fix it with some implanted mesh membrane for strength. Will find out what they actually did soon I think that’s what the said they were going to.

What type of noise?

I’m going out to Shellac once I know The Child isn’t going to be antagonising Wor Lass.


A very very loud ticking. Potentially a diesel injector issue, as this was an advisory on the MOT, but I’m so clueless about cars. Dreading taking it to the garage tomorrow

While your driving, idling?

Both. Ticking noise increases as the revs go up (as in more frequent, not louder)

Could be an exhaust leak, if check engine like didnt come on most like exhaust leak or oil sensor. Hope its nothing major.

Oh I don’t know Neil. Bricking it. really haven’t got that money rn to be fixing a car