Tuesday (evening) not dead thread

Also hope you get well soon, you Monday Cryptkeeper ye

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Just bought tickets to see Ween

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Good luck on your road to recovery sheeldzo!

Forgotten how much smoking suppresses your appetite so might pass on food and just have tabs for dinner. Sounds like I’ll be back at the cracker factory tomorrow which is a day sooner than I’d like ideally. 2 episodes left of Twin Peaks, really don’t want it to end again :cry: Anyone else at Bjork tonight?


Oh my God three consecutive mega sneeze combo

Yep nasty too

Thanks pal

Rick Stein tonight folks

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Congrats Sheeldz!!

One of my inner circle had leg surgery today (he was hit by a taxi at the weekend - one of the many terrible things that have happened recently) but he has messaged to say he’s fine :pray: and my best friend has had one seeming source of optimism for his healthcare (new meds/new MH specialist who is actually listening to him rather than trying to get him off the books asap)

Gonna do some life admin tonight but also watch Masterchef. Namaste.




Taiwanese salt and pepper fried chicken and sweet potato with plum powder for dinner - just bringing it home from Chinatown.

Helping Mrs Z with some work stuff this evening, then gonna try and get some more Pokémoning done.

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Read this as “three hour” and was like “wo”

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Had a fairly disappointing dinner of sea bass with spring onion, garlic, chilli, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil cooked in a parcel thing in the oven with pak choi.

I know you’re thinking “that sounds delicious!” and you’re absolutely right: it sounds delicious. It certainly contains many delicious ingredients. But they added up to much less than the sum of their parts.

think a squirt of lime juice might have rescued it tbf

Prefer sea guitar myself but if you’re a beginner you might flounder ahahahahahahahah


what have I ever done to you

My mate’s mum used to say bass guitar like the fish, strangest pronunciation I’ve ever heard

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Which fish?

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This post has encrouaged me to put lemon salt into my ratatouille type dish

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I believe that sort of thing is reserved for pizzas these days.

Welcome @profk and @anon19035908 to the boards everyone!


Off to see a film [Portrait of a Lady on Fire]. Hope it’s worth me dragging my bum away from a nice warm house for.