Tuesday evening of

Just making my way into the city for a date and to watch the football.

Trains are shagged. Lovely stuff.



I hope you’re going to produce a spoon from your pocket and tap out a little melody on the top of those glasses


Did some very complex Excel-ing and have an 8.30 meeting tomorrow so it was a prompt log out of work. I’m in the office tomorrow then out at a gig tomorrow night so I’ve just been up in the lift to get out Jimbo’s advent calendar

Jacket potato for dinner


Not at all convinced by beer 1 (Vault City Apple and Berry Sour)


I’m gonna be fou before I get anywhere near Stereolab the night


Would love a drink but I’ve been up for hours with A all night every night for the past week so I’m shattered.

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Ah no they’ve been muddled up, beer 3 is the VC sour :see_no_evil:

Evening all :wave:

Back from drizzly Essex. A thought occurred to me earlier: how easy do you think it’d be to set up an independent drinks trolley service on those lines that don’t have one? I reckon you could make a killing serving nice hot drinks, pastries and the like on the London to King’s Lynn line.

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Had sos + mash for tea.

Gonna have a gingerbread cookie and then watch le foot with a coupla beers.


Had to sort out an assault on one of my guys earlier, so that’s been my afternoon. 4hrs still to go.

Still off tomorrow. Might make pork belly ramen.

Aw, the pub’s put the sportsball on. I was enjoying the peace and quiet :laughing:

Ooh, they’re generous with the pours here

(Don’t worry frustrated thread-goers, Ella will stop live-DiSsing their rare pub trip after this drink)


Hey up

Football is on.
Incredibly torturous staff meeting done today. Very close to resigning and finding somewhere else.

Might have a wine. Or a tea. And Jaffa cake.


Oh and cooked Richmond vegoe sausages 2 days past date, were very vinegary and rank. Only had a few bites but definitely going to die of sausage based disease now right??



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Quite like to see what people are drinking without going into the beer wankers thread


You can have Dolly X

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Omg what an honour!

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My husband appears to be watching two football games at once. Man’s gonna get whiplash at the rate he is whipping his head back and forth!

I’m not really allowed to talk much for the next hour or so :zipper_mouth_face: only football related conversation allowed so any pointers will be great!