Tuesday evening pork chop thread

Lamb chops :metal::+1::metal:
Pork chops :neutral_face:

Have you ever had a memorable port chop?

  • Yes
  • No / can’t remember

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Waiting for Mr S to get off the 'puter so I can get on with some work.

Saw some excellent deer today

Must be about 29 years since I had a chop - lamb or pork.


Found* a chunk of glass in a pork chop once.

*The crunch as I bit into it was the giveaway

Tonight I’m having chicken and leek gratin with curly fries

Your vote doesn’t count

I’m about to head to gym. I was going to have salmon and jacket potato for dinner. But sod that I’m going to pick up a Dominos pizza on the way home.

Hey all. Going to see Sacred Paws support Future Islands tonight. Looking forward to the former and not the latter.

Going with a gang and it’s free for us so who am I to complain. Might go for a pint afterwards but I’ve to be up early to do a lot of stuff in the morning before I go back to Clonmel.


Pretty much hate a chops (normally dry and overcooked) but one of the most memorable meals of my life was lamb chops cooked on a BBQ on a Greek island beach with tomato and feta salad after we’d been on a boat trip. Think I was only 12 at the time so it must’ve been a bloody good chop for me to remember it.

Just about to get into that London town to see Joyce Manor do the fucking hits mate.

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is that a pork chop cooked in port or have you just spelled it wrong

I’m tidying the spare room so my sister can sleep in it tomorrow. This is my tuesday night.


Yes, some chops I did just right about a year ago when I actually bothered to baste in butter and sage and fry real slow.

I eat pork chops maybe once a week.

they can be good, but I’ve never had a memorable one. I’m abstaining from the poll

Lamb chops are situationally great. As in you need to prepare a lovely salad and assortment of Middle Eastern delicacies or nice mash and some greens for them to be truly great.

You can slap a pork chop in between two slices of bread and it’s usually fantastic.

For some reason I thought the Joyce Manor gig was Thursday which I couldn’t make. Bugger, have fun.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a pork chop before. Maybe I have. Dunno.
Going to the pub in a bit.

Can’t even work out how this would be possible to eat

Cut meat away from bone, put it between some bread.

They’re only ever all right, really. Oven baked in some foil with some chunks of cooking apple is probably the best way of doing pork chops, mind.

Seen Sacred Paws twice year! Both times I danced my arse off and left leaving with a massive grin. Enjoy KG!!