Tuesday evening pork chop thread

Off to see Baby Driver shortly; fingers crossed that it’s not a massive disappointment…

sacred paws are great fun :slight_smile:


why’s their 2 fucking evening threads, whose fault is this?!

I now understand

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Freddy vs Jason is on Netflix :joy:

U dunalf watch some shit witches


You speak wisely, friend

I only watch game of thrones these days. Watch all 6 seasons over a couple of months then watch random episodes here and there then do another rewatch just waiting for more to come out

I only watched the first series :no_mouth:

I wish i was you. Would love to virginally watch 50 hours of GOT right now

Haha, we could swap brains for a couple days if you’re game?

I wanted to read the rest of the books before I watched the other series but never quite got round to it and now I’m not that fussed.

They were the best, so fucking good.