Tuesday evening - quick!

Evening all

Beautiful evening isn’t it?

I love the sight of farm equipment out at this time of year. Feels like I’m in a harvest assembly.

Plans for the evening, everyone?


Evening CCB. Playing D&D this evening. Think I might try and quit this group though, not sure I’m really enjoying it that much.

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It’s beautiful up in York. I’ve walked and done so much today. Just walked the walls back to the Premier Inn.

Quick cup of tea and pick up a hoody and then out again for a ghost walk and beers.


I’m so tired.

I’m supposed to be going to watch Pile later but I don’t know if I can find the ba to leave the house after I get The Child to sleep.

Off to see Hotel Neon, Marcus Fischer, and Simon Scott. Gonna be some serious ambience!


How have you easily located a D&D group after five minutes in Glasgow?

I used to really enjoy playing and I’ve tried getting back into it, but I remember a main reason for enjoying it was often the bottles of wine I drank as we played.

I’m in Chester Le Street. Getting a burger but two meals is £9 so should have really got a curry or fish n chips too. Maybe that’s illegal?

Hi CCB and etc.

Think I might be painting a wall tonight and then watch it dry. As exciting as it gets.

I’m not sure I’d trust somewhere that does burgers, F&C and curries all in the same place.

I thought I was in spoons but it’s one of those that’s really similar but not spoons.

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Oh it’s all work people :grimacing:

That’s a different atmosphere.

Killing Jester will probably end up with some kind of disciplinary procedure.

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'er indoors recently asked me if I knew a particular hymn that she used to sing at harvest assembly and thought I was winding her up when I said I’d never heard of a harvest assembly in my life.

Gym. Takeaway. Hotel. GBBO. Liverpool v Napoli.


Got on your robe and wizard hat?

Harvest was a big thing at my school/church


Autumn Days?
Cauliflowers Fluffy?

Bangers, both of them

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You of all people Epimer…


Maybe Catholics think harvests don’t cause enough guilt to be worth celebrating.

What character does @cutthelights play?

  • Wizard
  • Rogue
  • Barbarian
  • Paladin
  • Druid (Ranger?)
  • Other one that I can’t remember.

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