Tuesday evening - quick!


Watching some end of the world cartoon. Got a load of tedious script writing to do tonight, will probably just play with the mice instead of course.

why are we having to be quick? did I miss something?

Just been charged 6:20 for a pint of neck oil

Making ‘cheeseburger casserole’(mince, onion, garlic, cheese sauce, ketchup mustard, more cheese, baked up together in the oven) chips and green beans for tea. Got some beers and shit crime TV to go with it. Friday night :tada::tada::tada:


We need to open that pub/restaurant.


Rogue but I keep getting shit off the others for not being roguey enough


We’d have a good run till Jamie Oliver or one of the other health police caught up with us.

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Making pan fried sea bass, roasted veggies and new potatoes in a bit. Just finishing off bedtime, gonna crack a beer, watching gbbo and generally enjoying not being at work tomorrow


Had tofu chilli dogs for tea, followed by a Twirl.

Going to continue watching Marianne on Netflix tonight, whilst trying not to worry about my day in hospital tomorrow (although, on the bright side, it’s the best part of a day sat in bed reading books and listening to music).

I didn’t plan this I just looked up and I’m by that place from the web


it’s not a place that sells wine? I’m confused.

Excuse me?

evening ccb, all :wave:

suspect my evening will involve a lot of sitting down, but I don’t really want to just spend the evening watching football (have Inter v Slavia Prague on atm) despite knowing I probably will :confused: feel like i’e done nothing all day so don’t want to waste the evening too

really liked York when we went there a few years back, would definitely go again

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Just drove 300 miles to upstate NY for work tomorrow, very scenic. Pretty spent however. Hotel room is nice though.

IMG_1050 IMG_1052


I love the size of American hotel rooms


:slightly_frowning_face: show off


This is what 150 will get you in the US laels :+1:

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