Tuesday Evening Solidarity Thread

FAO @Witches


Evening all


The fucking cheek of this email I’ve just got


Maaaan I feel well off

Lovely evening and I don’t want to go outside even slightly, hmph

Oh well, orzo veg pasta and chocolate will make do

I really need a particular Dota team to win their playoff game for the sake of my fantasy team and they’ve gone and done the equivalent of playing their goalkeeper as a striker. Head in my hands here.

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Drinking supermarket sauvy b. Eating tgi friday food from Iceland. Listening to Protomartyr


Evening all!

I’m out for food and a film. Neither the food or the film is a first choice activity but Wor Lass is glad to be out so that’s nice.

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Finished work, had a haircut

Went to a pub had 2 beers, in another pub another couple of beers. No idea if I have anything in for dinner. Suppose I’ll find out later


Barely got off the couch all day. Feel like shite.

Just bunged a pork joint in the oven. Oooh.

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I was just looking at some of Issey Miyake’s clothes yesterday. rip. Thanks for making me smell nice :pray:



Just been for another little walk on the beach and got some FnC for tea - full disclosure will appear in the relevant thread shortly.


Thanks rich :heart:

Had a lovely day, went to Crail, had some crab rolls with a beautiful sea view then went looking for fossils. Saw a cool fossilised tree stump.

Now watching house of wax and having sausages and mash cooked for me whilst I drink more bubbly.

Well happy :blush:


I want to go on this holiday so bad


Aw, I would highly recommend this area for a holiday. It’s lovely. Lots of wee towns/villages that are within walking distance of each other.


Ate too much mash and now I might have to wait before I have my evening Cornetto :frowning:

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Ah that’s where my aunt and uncles second house is

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Had some uninspiring leftovers that I forgot to take in for lunch today so had a nice lunch and now i’m stuck with them for dinner.


Might have a beer.

had nice halloumi salad and gonna have a nobbly bobbly in a min

Continuing my AJLT rewatch and it’s really not as bad as the first watch. Che Diaz is still the worst though.


Hello. Traveling to Toronto Airport. Don’t want to come home. Fucking rubbish. Bollocks.

Can’t wait to see my dog mind. Got this from the sitter.


Have spent approximately 10 solid hours today imagining a nice fantasy garden and house.

Having a pretty rubbish day back in the real world, although i did impress some people earlier at work and sat down in a cafe at lunch for a drink/enforced lunch break which was nice apart from the man sat next to me who shouted PUSSY HOLE about 38 times.

Feels like a staring into the void night :sweat_smile: but instead I’m going to read my new poetry book I’ve been waiting for since May :partying_face: