Tuesday Evening (Sponsored by the Industrias Rebollo Smart Chicken)



what’s for tea/what’s to drink/what’s to do?

just went and sorted out some driving lessons. might pretend that I don’t drive if I pass to keep on getting lifts to places.


Who’s parents/grandparents had a minibar in their living room in the 90s/early 00s?

  • mine
  • not mine

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Going to have a Mediterranean Chicken Bake in your honour.


i’m having a chicken salad in the smart chicken’s honour.


I will also be having chicken for dinner, but in what form I am unsure. Don’t really want it, but at least I will be fitting the theme and honouring the Smart Chicken.


Bit early no?

I’m waiting for the tv’s parents to get back from a bike ride and then we’ll go out for dinner I imagine. Pretty hungry too. They leave tomorrow, I’m kinda bummed out about it. Tv’s mum has done all our recycling and bought us groceries and all kinds of helpful stuff as well, she’s an angel. Also dunno when we’ll see them again as we’ve no trips planned :frowning:

Should be a good evening though.

That chicken is kinda creepy.


its half past 6, mate.


i’ve been instructed by our sponsors to kindly ask you to leave.




Yeah it is here too, I just… nm.

Also on your driving thing - I gotta go abroad on a team week at work and I am considering lying about having a driving license so I don’t have to drive. I mean, I haven’t driven in so long I basically can’t anymore, so it wouldn’t be a huge lie…





i’m massively lazy and nervous even as a passenger, so don’t think driving is gonna be for me. feel a need to do it now for some reason


Hiya profk. I can’t decide what to have for dinner! I need to pop to the shop now. Hmm.

So it needs to be something that won’t make me fat and also something that is really stodgy and filling for the tv :smiley: HELP.


It’s much better being the driver. I still hate being a passenger, quite like driving. Absolutely hated lessons, though.


It should be illegal to start the evening thread before I’m home from work :rage:

Tonight I’m either going to watch football and drink pints or have a massive bowl of cereal then go to bed. Heavily leaning towards the latter tbh.


have you considered chicken?

tbh Epimer’s chicken bake is a good shout. wish I was having that now.


yeah well, its not, so there.


Took off from work an hour early as I was well bored. Gave our new housemate the news that he’s moving in, bought a game and had a pint. Sun is out now though so that could fuck up my plans for being productive this evening.




Still haven’t found anyone to water my plants while I’m away, and I’m leaving tomorrow morning! :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: