Tuesday evening, then

1hr into my commute, 1.5 to go -_- Went to pay my tax bill and i owe an extra 1200 quid. Ffs. Just want food and bed.


I’ve had a fantastic stir fry

I’ve won some hearthstone

I’ve concluded that the new Kozelek record is fucking fantastic

old e4 is back!

bought all the stuff to make a tasty vegetable lasagne… don’t have a lasagne dish do i? ffs


In pub. Might watch a film when I get in. Machete, American Honey, Paprika, or rewatch Terminator. That sounds like a shit menu

Waiting for my colleague to grab dinner in the hotel restaurant. Last time we did this it turned out the hotel restaurant was a michelin star tasting menu jobby. Here’s to hoping we can expense a similar delicious mistake again!

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Get off the internet!


no u

I… erm, ok

Hosting a pub quiz for oxjam (8pm at the green room anyone in sheffield)

Covering a night class; watching and room full of mature students answering questions on Originally by Carol Ann Duffy.

Quite bored.

Just figured out that instead of getting 3 buses and then a train to current job, i can get a bus, a tube and then a train for the last couple of stops, but the latter somehow costs more. Ffs london.

Tired out, have progress meetings tomorrow so sorting data whilst watching Liverpool tonight.

Egg, chips and peas for tea. Nice!

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just casually been smashing capitalism*, not much really.

going to the football but gonna need to sit in the seats for the first time ever because my legs aren’t going to be able to cope with all the lovely new hours that have been dumped on me at the last minute. ugh. but seen Spice and his perfect existence has made me feel #blessed. he’ll be 3 years and 11 months on Sunday! just a month until he hits the big 4 years :heart:

so not looking forward to tomorrow, or indeed Thursday.

(*going in all guns blazing about how completely fucking unacceptable it is for my position to be exploited by being TOLD, not even asked, that I am working all day tomorrow with less than a day’s advance notice, to cover someone whose holiday this week has been booked for over 6 months, as well as several other days in the next fortnight. and then to be told that “the nature of the job is that it’s short term”… I very rarely properly lose it but I was ranting so hard to my colleagues in the staffroom that people in the next room could hear shouting :'D that’s just the tip of the iceberg. i’m still doing most of the hours they’ve dumped on me, ew. however, the one good thing that happened is that I refused to work at all next Tuesday even though they’re really short staffed, because I had already planned to go to London and play Pokemon Go with my friend. shove it up your dickhole, Tories!!)


I’m a soft touch and have agreed to let a band shoot some photos in my stairwell and flat Thursday night despite probably wanting to do things or just have my flat to myself Thursday night. They are quite big though so might be able to point at posters and go “that’s my flat that is” to nobody whatsoever, that’ll be nice.


Evening. Other than the commute from hell how is the actual work?

My work is coming up thrillho at the mo :slight_smile:

Did a run, TV is cooking tea then we’re gonna watch IT (original, she’s not seen it before) :+1:

Was at a team away day, had some good praise from various people for some work I’d prepped for it, which felt really good. :slight_smile:

Caught up on Chicago PD, watched some of the FOTL DVD and now listening to Perturbator.

So tired though. Had only 5 hours sleep last night as I had terrible stomach pains, which was horrific. Took something for it, but bit concerned, hope it doesn’t happen again.

FOTL dvd? I’d like to watch a documentary series narrated by Falco very much

Kind of awful but kind of easy. Idk. Doesnt pay well enough to justify the commute… but i got talked into it.

Yeah it’s the live gig from their Garage Show last year! Check it:

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