Tuesday evening, then

Surely they can find you a constabulary nearer home?

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Gonna check this out. Looking forward to some rehearsed banter.


Tempted by this


We all know how you live.

Dont get this trend at all :joy: what is the appeal?

Golden age of board games, m1.

What does that mean tho

Means they’re all better than Monopoly now.

Except computer game tie-in ones, which are largely shit.

I’ve eaten too much today. Just had a massive curry and then a scone. Had a massive cupcake earlier too. Really need to stop eating so much shit.

Same. I ate that whole bag of colin caterpillars :sob:

Met a cute cat on my way home :white_check_mark:
Discovered how great Quorn sausage patties are :white_check_mark:

Found out the fucking Tory party are visiting my office next week :x::x::x:
Lost a bag of fudge somewhere in the house :x:


I like co-op board games, I like resident evil, how can I be anything other than massively disappointed, play it twice before it’s gathering dust in the garage :confused:

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What are we like

Twats :disappointed:

I want my fudge dammit.

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I am stock-checking a load of ribbon, which is incredibly boring. And then need to put a load of crap away that is still lying around from moving.

Then I need to make a poster, which is much more fun.

was meant to be cooking with my flatmate tonight, so I’m waiting for him to come back from work. might watch a film later or something

What is the poster for?

An event I’m organising.

Aah, cool!